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Movie Reviews: Demonic + Children Of The Corn II + 2 others

Demonic (2013)
A house where a mass murder took place is the setting for another mass murder. A cop and a shrink (Maria Bello) look into the fraught situation which is all hopelessness and nothingness. Found footage shows how stupid people who can’t act (among them Cody Horn) went to a remote unsellable Southern manse to look for ghosts. The last vestiges of grandeur are long gone from the place.

There is a suspect who is un-enlightening and this is pestilent noir as the cop Lewis yells. The suspect has a pervasive sense of alienation. There is no simmering tension. The cops recover the students’ footage which isn’t a heavily edited take on their glossy lives. The head ghost hunter was Byran who was a ruthlessly efficient ass. Bryan and his pals did an evocation of spirits. This led to bad things. This was not brilliantly ambiguous or carefully honed. It also does not meet the limited requirement to be scary. There are loud music cues and certain forces draw their plans against the twits slowly but surely. This was only 77 minutes long but seemed longer.

There are disparities in the suspect’s stories and the cop who had been suspicious now is just getting more suspicious. There is a ‘twist’ and this was dull, illogical, generally objectionable and had no gentle decency or chilling effect. It was all utterly pointless.

Best Lines:
“How’s he holding the camera while he’s filmed that?”

“Resident mouth breather.”

“Redneck hillbillies.”

“No one talked about it.”

“Supposed to beckon the dead.”

“I want to put a baby in you.”

“What’s a milk chute?”

Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1993)
In this non indie-schminde sub-genre quality movie; the Gatlin cult is uncovered and the brats sent to foster homes. He Who Walks Behind The Rows possesses someone. The kids kill again and it suggested the cause of it all is contaminated corn. A woman has a house dropped on her. This was dumb and had no eerie isolation.

That’s Entertainment! III (1994)
MGM musicals are endless memorialised. This was deeply disappointing.

The Dictator (2012)
This was a narrative devoid of comedy, menace, bravura, candour, pathos or desperation. There is unmet probity. This was all face pulling, SJW mocking and does not put viewers in a particularly reflective frame of mind. This was terrible.

Best Line:
“He looks like a snitch on ‘Miami Vice’.”
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