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The Flash 2x10 + Person Of Interest 4x17 + Supernatural 10x22 Reviewed

Potential Energy
This ep was stylised garbage as Barry is hilariously horrified at a bad dream. Barry and Patty annoy for un-established reasons. Wally has hidebound didacticism. Patty is innately suspicious of Barry. Iris annoys and Joe has unfathomable motives and off-kilter encounters. Harry has free form insanity. Cisco is TPTB’s gratuitous wish-fulfilment as he over-emotes and is a prat with the attention span of an Xbox playing 8 year old. Jay shows up - his plot is all apparent inertia. A dude can slow time and is nicknamed The Turtle. Harry has combed his hair. STAR Labs never do any work.

Where is Henry? This ep was just a randomly arranged array of stuff and I was not invested emotionally. Season 2 is all malaise and decay. Patty is increasingly jaded, cynical and mercenary. She annoys. Wally is a street racer and is not magnetic. The Turtle (Aaron Douglas of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ who now looks like Vince Vaughn) bores. What gives Barry the right to imprison people? Patty leaves, thankfully. Harry seems to have killed someone. Then the Reverse-Flash shows up, somehow, and he has Gideon. This was joyless and un-encouraging.

Best Lines:
“Who stopped thieving.”

“This is about hurting someone who values you.”

“If you’re waiting for an apology, it’s not coming.”

There are flashbacks to 2010 and various moral convulsions. Reese is always unwelcoming. Finch is haunted by the inescapable past. Reese’s shrink has an expression that could be mistaken for a sneer. Another shrink does aggressively unfriendly and uncomfortable stuff. Cue sinister conclusions. There is no Root. Fusco continues to not do anything. The evil shrink is an agenda with legs. This was not genuinely sad and had no usefulness. Everyone is perpetually sombre. There was yelling and utterly untrue beliefs. I see why this show is probably cancelled. This was undeniably silly and watching this is not an improving activity.

Best Lines:
“I’d be angry too.”

“Where did that path take you?”

The Prisoner
A Styne cousin doesn’t like his kinfolk. There is a Charlie death montage. The brothers don’t return her body to her family just burn it. Sam still can’t act. The unprepossessing Styne cousin is drawn in by his clan. There are scumbags all round and everyone is lacking any reasonable boundaries. There is more brotherly erosion of trust. There is a melange of plot and no muggy atmosphere. Dean is a violent murderous moron. An initially good show has gone to the dogs. This was okay though. Sam tries to kill Crowley and fails horribly. Crowley’s annoying mother Rowena is waste of perfectly good oxygen. The brothers sum total of accomplishments is much death. Dean enjoys this hermetical existence where he and his brother are destined to hurt one another for ever. Dean murders the entire Styne clan. I’m sure this won’t trigger another FBI manhunt - so what if he killed 20 or so members of the same family. Is this the end of the Stynes? Dean beats up Castiel who has had that coming since season 4.

Best Lines:
“Check out their sex dungeon.”

“He loves flannel.”

“I don’t mean on ‘Game of Thrones’.”

“They both bang the pool boy.”

“Scary weird.”

“Will you just die already?”
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