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The Night Manager 1x02 + American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson 1x03 Reviewed

The Night Manager 1x02
Roper’s wife/mistress/whatever Jed has a mother who hates her and calls her a whore. She also may have a son and a pill addiction. Is Roper’s son her child? If not, where is his mother? The gaunt doll Jed was the only interesting aspect of this overwrought melodrama that was a turgid slab of drivel. A kidnapping is faked, something ‘Hunted’ did already. There are flashbacks as Pine prepares to infiltrate Roper’s impenetrable oligarchy.

The pregnant Angela has a mask of pure self-satisfaction. Pine goes undercover and there is no great psychological depth. There is an unpleasant atmosphere around Roper. This episode had no epic grandeur. Pine seduced and ditched a strangely pathetic woman. The uptight snitty Angela is a liar in wearingly predictable fashion. She is unremittingly annoying. Roper has cold logic and there is nefarious conduct.

Best Lines:
“Baptise the princeling in the ways of the grape.”

“He crossed the bridge.”
“And we’re burning it.”

The Dream Team
This is a good if negative, spiteful and misleading portrayal of culture, media and the law. Robert’s spoilt brat kids enjoy the attention they get. There is no chance of cultural forgetting of this case. Robert is cheerful, unthreatening and dependable. Shapiro and his uncannily Saharan face plots as he brings together the dream team defence team. Various lawyers do their Mussolini routines and are in headline making mode and doing rants.

This was objectively interesting. The defence defines itself against the LAPD, cute a blanket of angry boos, anger and sleaze. Determiner Marcia too confidently holds a high opinion of the chances of conviction. F Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane) shows up. Marcia is sure that OJ is morally and materially responsible. Larry King pops up playing himself. Marcia has impetuosity and various lawyers are pathologically ambitious.

There is berating. Kato finds fame complicated. Kris Jenner (Selma Blair) is angry that Robert is forgetting Nicole. OJ is a revered, venerated figure. There’s recrimination, disillusionment and woefully mismanaged pre-trial preparation. The whole trial was a profoundly negative experience. The dream team ups the ante. Barry and his bad hair (Rob Morrow) explains DNA. Alan Dershowitz is smug and he is played by Evan Handler who was in the never seen pilot 'Frogmen' with OJ Simpson back in 1994. Nobody has moral responsibility. TPTB capture the self-justification and how people rationalise their own actions. The terrible incident of the brutal double murder is ignored as people project their own personas.

Best Lines:
“You’re the OJ guy.”

“I literally did not realise he was a lawyer.”

“Clarify your strategy.”

“Quit hiding in the basement.”

“Bruce and mom sell thigh-masters on TV.”

“Cash for trash.”

“I know. I saw the movie Lee.”
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