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Movie Reviews: Kick-Ass 2 + Deadpool

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
In this gore filled sequel, other superheroes prance. Bad guy Christopher kills his mother (Yancy Butler  of the still much missed 'Witchblade'), yells and plots to become a super-villain. He has an entirely superfluous bodyguard. Jim Carrey and Lyndsy Fonseca feature. The ‘hero’ Dave is an ass. Mindy tries to be normal and takes on mean girls. Dave gets inappropriate love interests. Mindy likes Union J.

There is fighting, someone getting chewed on by a shark and this was intellectually unworthy. The notoriously rude baddie plots. An ex-mob enforcer provides plot. And the plot takes ludicrous turns. Beat-uppable people are too thick to live. Dave is a jerk and empathy is the least appreciated talent. Nobody has any moral sensibilities. Everyone is horrible. There is death, gore and rampant sexism. There is also bad green screen and a terrible ending.

Best Lines:
“Nice backpack.”
“Steal it from a six year old?”

“You are my problem!”

“A bazooka is not an accident!”

“Your dad was insane. You know that right?”

“My sister was murdered and found in a dumpster.”

“I’m the whitest pimp ever.”

“She’s super-bitchy. I likes.”

“Night whore.”

“She ate her cell-mate.”

“Sent me into a crack den with nothing but a penknife.”

“Axe wounds.”

“Drugs would have been better.”

Deadpool (2016)
This was an ill-informed and agenda driven ‘comedy’ about a psycho, his hooker galpal, a slacker, 2 Xmen and various evil people. This was not as funny as it thinks it is. This was okay but mostly tiresome with women having blank passivity. The main character is deeply odious with bitter homicidal rage.
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