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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Hardcore Henry’ trailer

‘The Other Side of the Door’ trailer
Stupid people are haunted. No.

‘London Has Fallen’ trailer

‘Trapped’ promo

The Choice’ TV spot

Wintergreen tictacs - taste like mouthwash.
Oat, chocolate and almond energy bar - okay.
Peppermint patties - yum.
Salted caramel doughnut - nice.

I will review ‘The Lost Tudor Princess’.

I won’t review ‘Red Sparrow’.

Recall the ‘Edge of Night’ soap?

‘Futurama’ Quote:

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Those fake tits won’t keep you afloat for long.”

“Banished to the dungeon of cinematic embarrassment.”

“Clearly signposted honey-trap hooker.”

“Geographically-unstable accents.”

“Give them a right clatter.”

“Since traditionally male pursuits had always been the metric of social value, primarily female orientated pursuits were valueless.”

“Colourful, scented things.”

“The stupidity label.”

“Taxi drivers had it coming to them.”

“He threatened to dump me on the motorway outside Roissy Charles de Gauelle airport.”

“I objected to his reading the map he held above the steering wheel as we hurtled down a busy boulevard. We ended up at the wrong end of a one way street.”

“This is France?? I’m safer in Baghdad.”

“Rampaging taxi drivers.”

“Cynical premeditation.”

“Levels of aggression toward him.”

‘The Thick of It’ Quote:
“I think the bailiffs are coming to take away my will to live.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Drive through a village and take a shot at a goose.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige pulls more crap and drives Sonya to a public breakdown. Fat Terese acts bizarrely.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Silas shows up. Lindsey spews grand and beautiful falsehoods. Silas is onto Lindsey. Everyone’s moral compass points to the gutter. Kim’s in jail and Lindsey the psycho is framing her. Lindsey smirks with her Croydon facelift hairdo and fake eyelashes.

Best Lines:
“The hospital Hannibal.”

“You need a man on the inside.”
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