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Person Of Interest 4x16 + The X Files (2016) 1x06 + Supernatural 10x21 Reviewed

Dominic, medical marijuana and Root making an un-dramatic appearance made up this tiresome ep. Root plans to build an army, TPTB never do gangster elements well and the innocent du jour is annoying. This was not over-encumbered with sense, Rinch are mistaken for gay again and Root does dull stuff. Finch and his formalised speech bores.

Best Lines:
“Entitled, over-sexed, binge drinkers.”

“Cash that smells like skunk weed.”

“They can’t find any banks that will take it.”

“Skulk and dagger.”

“Know nothing fool.”

“Tall drink of darkness.”

My Struggle II
Sveta from ‘My Struggle’ was Nina from ‘The Americans’. There are photos of old faces and no word on Smoking Man’s motives and final objectives. Tad (Joel McHale) is back and ranting. There is a silly morph. What is anomalous DNA? Skinner annoys. Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) sneers and people get sick and look as if they are in a Lucian Freud painting.

How did Einstein get a smallpox vaccine? She’s too young. I didn’t get one. Miller (Robbie Amell) is bland, Mulder looks unwell and no-one seems to recall the plague eps on ‘Millennium’? Scully solemnly mumbles, Moronica (Annabeth Gish) resurfaces and she left the FBI too. No-one mentions Doggett. Smoking Man (William B. Davis) refuses to die and Moronica is his slave.

Scully is safe due to her abduction, things have been in motion since 2012 and is Mulder’s parentage fully established? If Smoking Man has alien DNA wouldn’t Mulder have inherited it? Mulder confronts his mad bad dad. Tad rants in bizarre media discourse. Scully acts crazy. People babble about The Spartan Virus. Mulder is not supplicant to his mad dad and his pointless plotting.

Smoking Man takes his face off, Einstein and Scully stare at gel and there is a cliffhanger. Who’ll live and who’ll die? Where is William? Why does Mulder need stem-cells and there is no more denial left. This was good.

Best Lines:
“The far fringes of accepted science.”

“The influences of dark forces outside the bureau and sometimes within.”

“A self-interested cabal.”

“Where exactly is here?”

“Your dangerous allegations.”

“An internet lunatic.”

“An unprecedented violation of the public trust.”

“The singular voice of authority.”

“Is this at all plausible?”

“We don’t have time to ponder.”

“They haven’t killed me yet. As hard as they may try.”

Dark Dynasty
There is bad acting, bad hair, bad plotting and Sam still can’t act. Moron choices are made, the Styne clan make a reveal, Dean is his usual brusque self and Castiel is ever useless. Crowley talks to a hamster for some reason. There are ocular responses and unshakeable family traditions. Charlie’s dumb and gets got. This was awful.
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