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The Night Manager 1x01 + American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson 1x02 +iZombie 1x06 Reviewed

The Night Manager (2016) 1x01
This BBC1 drama is based on a John Le Carre novel. It centres on a hotel concierge named Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) who is drawn into the realm of a vamp, a yappy bint (Olivia Coleman) and an arms dealer (Hugh Laurie). Pine is an ex-solider and broods. The git from ‘Being Human’ lurks. There is a lack of sympathy, death, grim deliberate acceptance, talking, negative connotations and ramifications. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Why would a burglar do that?”

“German porn.”

“There’s bloody napalm on here.”

“Religious lunatics.”

“He sells destruction.”

The Run Of His Life
Shapiro and Robert try to fix things. Vintage news broadcasts are used. Shapiro has highly clipped diction. The four little Kardashian kids love the attention their daddy gets on TV.  The infamous white Bronco chase takes place. Robert is a moron, there are 90s ties and no cool reflection. What became of AC? There is a conjunction of events, inconsequential minutiae, naked opportunism and a harm-benefit ration. The chase is a bizarre collective delusion. Sadly this ep was not hypnoagpdic. This hyperreal ambiguous historical narrative was far more difficult to engage with than 1x01.

Best Lines:
“Could we look more incompetent?”

“McMartin. Twilight Zone. Menendez.”

“Everything is terrible!”

“We ran out of cheese!”

Virtual Reality Bites
Liv looks into the death of an internet troll. Major is annoying as are his street kids. Blaine continues his relentless devious rise to power. Liv and her half-lived existence bore. Liv’s mother shows up as does the sketchy rocker (Bradley James). Blaine annoys. I am dissuaded from caring. The cougar zombie rebels but not for long. Blaine has increasing hostility and his plans make no sense. He also works in a shop called Meat Cute. This was not relevant and Liv is finally on to the obvious. Who has earned the attention of things best left sleeping?

Best Lines:
“Enough with the escalating drama.”

“I’m building the drama.”

“Fascist political screeds.”

“Warrior gnomes.”

“Skate skanks and hobos.”

“Hear the lamentations of your women.”

“Buy our logic on this.”

“Please don’t let me opening gross porn.”

“It was worth it.”
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