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Book Review: A Pocket Full Of Lies

Star Trek Voyager: A Pocket Full Of Lies by Kirsten Beyer
Janeway is the author’s Mary-Sue and Janeway is never wrong is her preferred narrative overlooking the fact that Janeway has difficultly functioning in the rational world. The crew are irritating kidults, a Janeway doppelganger has survivalist chic, there is sexual ensnarement by bad boys, an unworried unwell, rebuttable presumptions and contradictory plotting.

This has a clumsy ISIS parallel, a mention of Equinox and a tie-in to ‘The Year of Hell 1&2’. Janeway is painted as a paragon who does nothing wrong, ever. Babies make everything better apparently. Tom and Torres continue to be selfish. Annorax is remembered, there are temporal shenanigans, Tuvok returns to Voyager and acts like a loon. Riker is not yet an admiral in this book so how does it tie into the ‘Star Trek: Titan’ series? A crew member plans to get rid of her unwanted baby, there is whining and Janeway has no concept of risk analysis. This was terrible and the thought of reading any more of the VOY reboot is an appalling prospect.

Best Lines:
“Sormana had become a cultural blight.”

“Our greatest cultural tragedy.”

“Truths he could never tell.”

“She lied? Imagine my surprise.”
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