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Prison Break Season 4 Eps 21&22 Reviews

Rate of Exchange
Linc is berated by Christina, who tells him she's not his mommy and she never wanted to be a mommy. Past seasons had the brothers remembering their mother fondly as a kind, caring, wonderful woman but that is retcons for you. Micheal learns he's going to be a daddy. Self's in trouble but nobody cares. C-Note and Sucre are back to help Michael. T-Bag spends a long, long time being gross. Various people talk to each other. This was dull, for a show winding down they sure are going out with a whimper.

Best Lines:
"Big surprise, the dumb one got caught. The smart one got away. I'm beginning to see a pattern here."

"Mom's a psychotic bitch."

Killing Your Number
Despite last being seen getting shot at with Uzis in season 2, Kellerman is alive. And he's suddenly a good guy and he's going to save the day. After everyone Kellerman killed and after everything he did, he got away with it. Mahone's arrested. Michael, Linc and Sara are captured yet again by The Company. Michael and Linc pledge their brotherhood to each other. Sucre's arrested. Various people yell at each other. Sara shoots Christina dead.

Kellerman can get everyone exonerated if they give Scylla to the UN. Didn't the Company erase all evidence of Kellerman's existence? How is any of this possible? Scylla goes to the UN and everyone's exonerated, well except for T-Bag. No mention is made of Self, but he's in no condition to care. No mention is made of Gretchen either. Everyone's happy (save for T-Bag) and then Michael gets a nosebleed.

Four years later:
Mahone has got together with Lang (I'm sure that did wonders for her career)
Linc runs a surf shop in Panama with Sofia.
Self is a turnip who drools on himself.
C-Note enjoys the sunshine
Sucre and his kid are happy
Kellerman is a congressman (didn't he testify at Sara's trial about all his crimes?) and then Hale's widow shows up to spit in his face, which was a very effective moment.
The General gets the chair.
T-Bag is in jail up to his old tricks.
Sara and her son Michael Jnr then visit Michael's grave, yes Michael is dead.

This was dull and a letdown, poor Michael. Still his son seems to take after his dead dad by sporting a stick on tattoo. There is still the wrap up movie 'The Final Break' to come, but 'Prison Break' is running on fumes now. Let it RIP. Please, let it RIP.
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