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American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson (2016 - ?) 1x01 + Doctor Foster (2015) 1x05 Reviewed

From The Ashes Of Tragedy
Based on the infamous 1994-1995 case. This opens with the discovery of the double murder of two people who would end up as footnotes in their own murders. There is Kato a spaced out houseguest, Marcia (Sarah Paulson) a frazzled DA and OJ (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who was famous and immensely popular. Marcia’s boss (Bruce Greenwood) seems inept. Nathan Lane, David Schwimmer, John Travolta, Courtney B. Vance, Selma Blair, Jordana Brewster, Connie Britton and Cheryl Ladd star.

There is a sad message on an answering machine. OJ is supported by his pal Robert (Schwimmer), there is a history of violence, press and screeching diversions. Cochrane (Vance) and Darden exchange excessively stigmatising comments. OJ seems without feeling, the murder investigation is done with grotesque inattention to detail, Marcia is incredulous and this is a very good account of a true and complicated story.

Kato is an unassuming idiot, OJ yells at his entourage, Shaprio (Travolta) looks embalmed and his wife (Ladd) preens. Marcia is divorcing, there is 90s fashion and Nicole Brown Simpson’s funeral is a circus. Her friends Faye (Britton) and Kris (Blair) and sister (Brewster) obviously think OJ did it. The emotionally exploitative OJ goes on the run among other unseemly things.

Best Lines:
“There’s no media here.”
“This is a double homicide in Brentwood. They’ll show.”

“Are you on a substance?”

“He didn’t ask how she died.”

“Nobody gets killed in Brentwood.”

“Where’s my Hugo Boss?”

“The LAPD and a famous guy.”

“Kato cut that s##t out!”

“This situation is very worrisome.”

“Juice ain’t got nothing to hide!”

“Guns go off.”

“Famous black man in trouble.”

“We’re going to look like morons.”

Doctor Foster (2015) 1x05
This got a 2nd series apparently. Dr Gemma Foster plans vengeance against her cheating husband and his whore. This series began with banality, the whore is a twit, the husband is a hateful creep and Gemma castigates at a dinner party from hell. There are bold tonal shifts, the whore is pregnant and the husband does not care about his wife or son. Everyone is equally miserable.

There is unhealthy online content, disaffected friends and the impossibly happy scenes of 1x01 were amiable nothing. The betrayed Gemma critically affects her husband’s life. She trusted him implicitly and he found it so easy to acquire and drop preferences at will. He acts in deliberately tacky ways, the son rumples him so the man tries to brand his wife crazy. Even at the end, he still won’t apologise or admit fault. Her son whines. I’m not entranced but this was okay accumulated drama as Gemma makes sure people come to glib conclusions.

Best Lines:
“Not in front of her.”

“Very slightly better.”

“You’re a slut.”

“He’s getting no more money from me. Ever.”

“You just work.”

“You never said sorry.”

“You should have been better.”
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