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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Vampires, part 3

The Mammoth Book Of Vampires edited by Stephen Jones, part 3

The Devil’s Tritone
A family of musicians experience rural horror in a small village and there are abundant sensory hints that something is not right. Mediocre.

Best Lines:
“The creature should never have been laid to rest here. If he does rest.”

“In the manner of so many public-bar soaks determined to confide a cherished belief at length.”

Disconsolating dull types bring a vampire legend peacefully to its close in this dull tale that is entirely unsatisfactory.

Der Untergang Des Abendlandesmenschen
Morons go vampire hunting in Germany and accidentally kick off a historic event of significant public importance. This was neither creative nor fruitful.

Best Line:
“He paused for dramatic effect.”

Red As Blood
By Tanith Lee. This is a foreknowing tale of Snow White told with intensity and moral certainty. This was excellent with an unexpected ending.

Best Line:
“She was the first queen and she did not possess a mirror.”

Laird Of Duncan
A ridiculous tale of a Scottish man who is predatory and unfeeling and has a cold gleam in his eye.

A Trick Of The Dark
An invalid girl broods soulfully and finally becomes an intrigante to escape her sick room. This is a good tale of a diabolical scheme.

Best Line:
“Looks like an avant-garde brothel in Berlin.”

Midnight Mass
I’ve read this before. A priest and a rabbi take back a church from the undead. Okay.

Blood Gothic
I’ve read this before. A woman is obsessed with the idea of a vampire lover and her growing frustration and indisputable fascination lead to tragedy. Very good.

Yellow Fog
This is an overly long novella about people doing things that make no sense and a bad boy vampire. This has a severe lack of creativity. Men seek solace in the cleavage of the nearest woman and bad things happen to various obnoxious people.

Best Lines:
“Malefactors of history.”

“Beastly things, servants.”

Fifteen Cards From A Vampire Tarot
By Neil Gaiman. This is an excellent collection of vignettes.

Vintage Domestic
A nightmare tale of domestic life. This was okay if derisory.

Try A Dull Knife
By Harlan Ellison. A tale of Hollywood vampires that left me shrugging in disinterest.

Andy Warhol’s Dracula Anno Dracula 1978-79
By Kim Newman. This is a pernicious counter narrative of 70s NY and the unbelievably large egos in it. This was very good.
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