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Trailers, Quotes and a 2004 Tape Tale

‘Darling’ trailer
Black and white weirdness.

‘Arrow’ 4x15 promo
Vixen? No.

‘The Flash’ 4x15 promo
King Shark is back.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3x11 promo
Secret Warriors, Ward and this looks horrible.

‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ trailer
What’s outside the bunker?

Best Line:
“I was trying to get in.”

‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ promo

‘Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses’ promo

‘Prey’ promo

‘Charmed’ season 6 finale promo

Mint crisp milk chocolate - okay.

RIP George Gaynes.

Anyone recall the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory?

Anyone recall the ‘Anastasia Krupnik’ books? Or the 'Al(exandra) The Great’ books? Or the ‘Bad News Ballet’ aka ‘Scrambled Legs’ books? Or the ‘Blue Ribbon’, ‘Caitlin’, ‘Cheerleaders’ or ‘Couples’ sagas? Or the ‘Make Me A Star’ saga?

The virus that causes chickenpox never leaves your system?

Rottamazione - to the scrapheap.

Remember the Access card - your flexible friend ad?

Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute was bad. But not as bad as Johnny Depp trying to be a rockstar with the ‘Hollywood Vampires’.

Cassandra Clare is being sued by Sherrilyn Kenyon?!!?

Did you know that in the 1970s there were such things as clothkits? There was no North Sea oil and Blue Peter told people to fill old people’s beds with newspaper to keep warm due to power cuts?

‘The Man From UNCLE’ Quotes:
“If I ever discover I’m wrong I shall spread your extremities over the greater part of North America.”

“I’ll have to report him for allowing me to bully him out of doing his job properly.”
“The irony of responsibility.”

“They’ve finally done it.”
“And what a time for it to happen.”


‘Back In Time For The Weekend’ Quote:
“Still a woman’s job to push them around.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“You’re in jail. You clearly can’t.”

“That callous hurtful man.”

“My moron brother.”

“I feel good saying no.”

“No one thinks that.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“We don’t share.”

‘Bridget & Eamon’ Quotes:
“It’s dangerous! Now go outside and play in the road!”

“Tax is for civil servants and Protestants!”

“Dead pig fell on him.”

“You’re fierce stupid.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Scott’s back and he has a new love interest. TPTB do not have a cohesive approach to this show. Where are Tony and Diane’s children? This show is a shoutfest. Louis moves the ho into the family home. Fake Lisa is severely unpleasant. Cleo and Pete hang out. The new family plot to steal Tony’s restaurant. Cleo has self inflicted issues. Why does she have such readiness to hang out with Pete? Diane has had her teeth done and they GLOW. With hurt desperation Cleo makes more life destroying choices and offers herself up to Tony.

Best Lines:
“He’s thick as mince.”

“Carpe debum.”

“That boy band reject’s got to go.”

On 'Neighbours’: Brad is an ass. Terese throws Paul out. Who is Xanthe and why is she so shrill? Steph’s mother annoys. The hotel plans to expand and knock down the café and Toadfish’s joke of a law office.

Best Lines:
“Punish her for what happened.”

“I spent the night in the men’s shed!”

Cleared out a 2004 tape. It began with the ‘Charmed’ season 6 finale ‘It’s a bad, bad, bad, bad world 1&2’. Billy Drago and Gildart Jackson chew the scenery and overact. Phoebe is a selfish car space stealer. The obviously evil Gideon (Jackson) has made contact with an evil parallel universe never before mentioned or since. Evil Gideon is wounded with broken glass and kinda likes it, he also overdoes the hair oil. Toddler Wyatt kills demons. Chris and selfish Phoebe had a deleterious effect on this show. Phoebe makes Piper’s imminent childbirth all about her. TPTB don’t protect the actor’s dignity. Nobody gets low or anxious about anything. This sucked hard which is no mean feat. The acting is bad and shouldn’t evil Gideon actually be good? The cast have no reaction to uncovering Gideon’s betrayal. The acting is horrendously bad and nowhere on the emotional spectrum. This was just worthless and not momentous. Leo ‘ethically’ murders someone, no one cares at all.

Best Lines:
“It’s disgusting. Can you believe all the liquor stores are closed in the mornings here?”

“Awful saccharin future.”

“She’s evil remember?”

“You don’t want this child growing up.”

“Security to the prison floor.”

“Such ugly lies about such a nice person.”

Then came a season 1 ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’. Some things should never be looked at, because they look back. Kara’s crashed on a moon or something. Adama is obsessed with finding her and sense is explicitly closed down. Poor doomed Gaeta is so innocent. Dialogue is mumbled. Roslin annoys, 6 flashes flesh and sometimes you wonder how this is forever memorised as a classic. I don’t care about Kara’s isolation. The CGI is bad, Helo wanders around Caprica, Apollo can’t act and Kara hotwires a crashed cylon raider cos hey why not? This was dull. Then came another ‘BSG’ ep ‘Litmus’ in which a cylon bomber strikes and an investigation take place. Helo is still wandering around Caprica. Roslin will not shut up. Tyrol is under suspicion and guess what; later on it was revealed that he was a cylon. So many useless reporters waste perfectly good oxygen. Sharon is obviously a cylon. Tyrol has contradictory emotions and this was of simplistic nature and was not a maelstrom.
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