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The X Files (2016) 1x05 + Person Of Interest 4x15 + The 100 3x01 Reviewed

An art museum is blown up in a horrific scene. One bomber survives. Young FBI agents (Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell) want to communicate with him. There are highly polarised and differing philosophical understandings. There is stark imagery, sources of conflict, extraordinary hostility and Agent Einstein (Ambrose) seems disinterested.

Mulder trips on magic mushrooms, there is cynical manipulation, people frustrating efforts and lack of interaction. There is a common perception that is wrong, potential dialogue is planned, people act in inherently pathological ways and there is no real emotional impact. Mulder imagines the Lone Gunmen and Smoking Man. Skinner has comparable resentment and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“A herald of end times.”

“I’ve been waiting 23 years to say that.”

“I resent that characterization.”

“Never again darken your basement door.”

“Unqualified hate that appears to have no end.”

Reese follows a coder and Finch reunites with someone from an earlier ep. Finch is subjected to emotional pandering and vulnerable people are manipulated. Claire grins gamely and it is obvious that she isn’t altruistic. Claire has significant propensity to annoy and is fixating on a fantasy. Claire is serious deficiently annoying. Samaritan creates a blighted utopia. Greer is visibly delighted at his own crapulence. Samaritan has absolute responsibility for everything that goes wrong. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Nerd nirvana.”

“Forgive the morbid overtones.”

Wanheda part one
The ark people assume the moral high ground. WTF is that tape? Someone is in a nightmare situation and then they aren’t. My earnest wish is for this show to make sense. Jaha and his fancy words is sanctimonious in his self-righteousness. Bellamy has a basic misunderstanding of sense. Lincoln has temerity. All the couples are broken up. Kane ignores factual inaccuracies and beams approvingly at morons. The grounders have taken over Mount Weather. Monty and Jasper fight. Raven annoys and drives a jeep. They have a jeep? Octavia rides a horse. What is the Ice Nation? The AI annoys. Jaha is dumb. Bellamy picks fights. I hate Clarke and her multi-tonal hair. There’s a bounty on the bi Clarke. This is over valorised crap and I feel deliberate indifference.

Best Lines:
“I’m so out of here.”

“The one that launched the bombs that ended the world.”

“Monty might melt her.”
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