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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Vampires, part 2

The Mammoth Book Of Vampires edited by Stephen Jones, part 2

The Brood
A not overtly horrific tale of urban decay and unusual vampires.

Root Cellar
An over written tale of the long shadow cast by a despicably pragmatic relative.

Hungarian Rhapsody
A vile, awful resentful mobster obsesses over his transcendent new neighbour. This was screechy rubbish and I will judge yesterday’s behaviour by today’s expectations and point out that the late Robert Bloch had sexism issues.

The Legend of Dracula Reconsidered as a Prime-Time TV Special
To begin with let me ask WTF is a radiopager? A would be screenwriter is eaten alive by the TV biz and the overpaid tools that run it. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I ain’t that desperate. Yet.”

“I am sporting that “just got attacked in the park” look,”

A short dark poem.

A pulp story from 1932 in which two shipwreck survivors find themselves on a death ship. This was tired and with no menacing characters.

A Week In The Unlife
WTF is a datafax? A vampire hunter goes about his work with an intense presence. This is an okay unnerving tale.

The House At Evening
Two women go a hunting. Creepy.

Vampyrrhic Outcast
A woman experiences the malignancy of solitude. Okay.

The Labyrinth
A couple get lost and make the mistake of stopping at a strange old house for help. Okay.

Best Line:
“So I was merely tied to a tree and flogged.”

Beyond Any Measure
An American in London falls in with a decadent crowd whilst having strange dreams. It all comes together in a tale of death and a twist that is an audacious conceptual preamble. Good.

Doctor Porthos
A tale of a vampire with a twist.

Straight To Hell
A band gets an unholy ‘helper’. Good.

Best Line:
“With a talent for delivering bad poetry with utter conviction.”

It Only Comes Out At Night
A creepy tale of an ill-advised stop at a rest stop. Excellent.

Investigating Jericho
By Chelsea Quinn Yarbo. The IRS investigates why an entire town has stopped paying taxes. This was excellent.

Dracula’s Chair
An antique chair leads to a time warp. Mediocre.

A Taste For Blood
A reporter is initiated into an exclusive club. Okay.

The Better Half
A woman meets her old college friend and is shocked by the change in her. This is a chilling tale with a dark ending.
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