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Bones 11x05 + iZombie 1x05 Reviewed

The Resurrection In The Remains
This is a crossover with ‘Sleepy Hollow’ which I gave up on after season 1. Bones and Brennan aren’t gloriously smarmy. A dead med student and an equally dead 18th century solider are found in a church. So fulminating Crane and Abbie show up. People talk weirdly. Abbie is an FBI agent now? Nobody has an appropriate reaction to anything. WTF is with Crane’s accent? The med student was into witchcraft and NDE’s or something. Nobody is a deep thinker and nobody has tenacious empathy and things do not come to a logical conclusion. Crane has animus and may not be entirely objective. This ep is no more than an embarrassment. People state the obvious and inject levity where it isn’t needed. This was dull, formulaic and nothing to enthuse about.

Best Lines:
“A mort safe.”

“Pre-industrial loom.”

“So Evil Dead.”

“Died before she died.”

“The biological reality of death.”

“Dutch hemp.”

“Iron gall.”

Flight Of The Living Dead
I think I’ll stick with this show for a little longer. Liv can’t secretly act with sense and babbles. This was not an emotional placeholder as a college friend of Liv’s dies. Major shows up to annoy. Liv is inwardly focused. This was okay if not committedly intense and believable.

Bradley James and Ryan Hansen guest star. This credulity stretching show has disappointed me at a philosophical level and everyone seemed completely smug. But this ep gave me hope it could improve. I wish Liv’s annoying roommate would die, she is a deterrent to caring.

A sketchy musician (James of ’Merlin’) who has a black dye job is a suspect. Liv snacks on the dead wild child’s brains. After eps of splendid inaction she acts in a non-cretinous manner. A pro-snowboarder (Hansen) annoys. I am un-accustomed to liking this. There is a twist regarding the sketchy musician, a drinks company, Clive’s boss and a lot of missing people. The zombie circle grows.

Best Lines:
“They stop listening.”

“Pointless and or dangerous crap on camera.”

“Psychotic zombie moments.”

“Depressive effect.”
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