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Buffy The Vampire Slayer 10x23 Reviewed

In Pieces On The Ground, part three
This has no sensual gothic sensibility. Andrew does more ridiculous things to fill the great void inside himself that nobody cares about. Buffy has no deep analytical contemplation and no deep understanding. I’m tired of her aggressive dismissal of sense. Monsters are polemicists. Spike and his cheery disposition is just there to supply dick. Andrew still hasn’t paid any consequences for killing Jonathan. Dawn and her pals have no emotional honesty. I’m tired of Buffy’s whining. The ending is neither a simmering denouement nor a terrible moment of exposure and danger. What happened to ghost Anya? Why does Xander do nothing? Why is the chillingly pathetic Andrew and his off the peg psychopathy so beloved by TPTB? This has precious little emotional connection and how generic it all is.
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