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Supernatural Season 4 Review, Part 3

I Know What You did Last Summer

Anna Milton escapes from a loony bin, into the path of the Winchester brothers. Sam is being a sap for Ruby and a jerk to Dean, flashbacks show how Sam went downhill after Dean died and started depending on Ruby for everything. Ruby is obviously playing Sam and she cannot act. A nasty demon shows up to smack the brothers around, after which they graphically patch up their wounds. Then the angels show up to kill Anna.

Anna's sketch book was good. A male crossroads demon shows up, did he seal his deals with a kiss too? the whole Sam/Ruby pairing is nasty even with the ridiculous lengths TPTB go to, to show how Sam having it off with a demon possessed dead body is 'acceptable'. After Sam tells Dean about the coupling, Dean aptly describes it as "Brain stabbing imagery." Why does Sam need Ruby to tell him how to use his powers anyway? Ava and all the other ill-fated psychic kids could use theirs no problem.

This was an uh of an ep: Ruby's terrible acting and Castiel's whispering grate on the nerves.

Best Line:
"Guess burying your brother didn't agree with you."

Heaven And Hell
The angels act like jerks. Anna does blood spells. The brothers look up Pamela to find out what is going on with Anna. Thanks to Pamela, Anna recalls that she is an angel who choose to fall to earth and become human. Now she needs to become a full on angel again and find her Grace (her angel mojo) which fell to earth with her. But first, she has to get it on with Dean. A nasty demon does nefarious things to Ruby, in a blatant attempt to make viewers like her. The angels and demons have a brawl, literally they smack each other around. Anna gets her Grace back and angels up. Dean confesses what happened to him in hell. I guess we're supposed to overlook the fact that John spent far longer in hell than Dean and apparently never broke.

This was an okay ep, but the whole Ruby/angels plot is just dragging.

Family Remains
A family moves into a house and they're not alone. The mother (Helen Slater of 'Supergirl' infamy) can only look on and despair as her family is menaced by a girl living in the walls. This isn't a haunting, it's actually something far worse or as Dean tactlessly puts it:: "A story ripped from an Austrian headline." This was another uh of an ep, even the use of the urban legend of the licked hand didn't excite. Instead we got more endless scenes of Dean staring off into the distance and blathering about hell.
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