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Movie Review: Escape Plan

Escape Plan (2013)
Made about 30 years too late this sees Arnie, Stallone, Sam Neill, Vinnie Jones and him from ‘Person of Interest’ starring. Ray (Stallone) breaks out of prisons for a living and has a sob story backstory. He’s asked to test a blacksite but it is a trap. The warden (‘Person of Interest’ dude) is a psycho who stares. A fellow inmate (Arnie) plots and picks fights. A mean guard (Jones) growls and the doctor (Neill) is enlisted as an ally.

There are twists, Ray has a bad boss and 50 Cent is his sidekick, the mean guard has incredible hatred and resentment. The overarching plot has a notable absence of sense. There is no roughneck appeal or desperation just absurdity and forced despair. This was a noxious fury-inspiring mess.

Best Lines:

“Make sure he stays there forever.”

“Need supplies and a workforce.”

“Blackwater rejects.”

“I own your ass.”

“You hit like a vegetarian.”
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