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The Mad Death (1983) Episode 3
There’s a Rabies control centre. Glass milk bottles are seen. The bar brawling pony shooting psycho snots. The army wander the woods with assault rifles shooting animals. Dogs eat a child, a man shoots his dog and the heroes have a creepy fixation with being terrible people. The snotty doctor stomps around a stranger’s house being extra snotty. She wants to take an old biddy’s cats. She flinches from the cats and shouts and acts crazy.

This was neither compelling nor terrifyingly realistic. The ghastly consequences are over-dramatised and caring about your pets is not misguided sentimentality. This was bewildering not harrowing and degenerated into vacuity. The psycho is targeted by the man he wronged and then they become friends. This was penurious. The snotty woman is saved; the mad old biddy is menaced by the psycho and dies. The psycho gets away with his emotional abuse and crazy behaviour.

French chick shows up again at the airport and misses her cat a bit. The psycho still has enmity toward animals and then this thankfully ends. The book ended with rabies somehow becoming airborne. This was as ugly as 1D’s tattoos and this had no positive intent and the irresponsible bad boy narrative sucked.

Best Lines:
“His father went to school with half the government.”

“Something personal was it?”

“The infected area.”

“Reinforcements are being brought up from shooting clubs.”

“All animals are to be shot on sight.”

“You’ll have to go in the naughty box.”

“That old crone!”

Home Again
I hated this was a rigorous vehemence. It is also not a sequel to the infamous ‘Home’ ep. Alessandro Juliani gets killed off, Scully’s mother has a heart attack, street art is stolen, Scully’s brothers are mentioned, there is sap and homeless people. This was not a quiet tragedy just a dull tale of flashbacks, Scully having icy control and showing off her ACTINGS. This was pointless. Mulder and Scully seem to have forgotten their encounters with the golem and the garbage monster.

Best Lines:
“I’ve been threatening you for six months.”

“The urine in the streets.”

“Downtown people.”

“He hasn’t bothered with her or with us for years.”

“Here I am, for once.”

Person Of Interest 4x14

Finch gets called for jury duty, a riotous lifestyle indeed. Reese and the annoying shrink chat. Finch is on the jury with Blair Brown of ‘Fringe’. The shrink annoys, there is a jury fixer and Zoë. There is rinch, killer 5k and this aroused not a modicum of interest. This was un-mercifully regrettably awkward monotony.

Best Lines:
“She has enough press clippings about this case to wallpaper an asylum.”

“I know a lot of ways to kill people Harold.”

“He’s like a fungus.”

Touched By An Angel (1994 - 2003) 1x09&2x11

Fear Not!
Monica is an angel in the Christmas nativity and shows off her power and glory. This was insistently heart-warming and wholesome as the animals and the gifts of the magi become real and Handel’s Messiah plays as an angelic choir sings. This was a great scene if cheesy.

The Feather
A con man claims to have an angel’s feather from the Christmas nativity. The angels are spotlight grabbing hams fundamentally incapable of not reforming pointedly venomous, sulky, hostile, smarmy, obnoxious and effusively ghastly people.


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