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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Gathering’ trailer
Am interested.

‘House of Cards’ season 4 trailer
Okay, now I’m interested.

The Art of the Deal: The Movie’ trailer
I’m laughing.

‘Gotham’ promo
Mr Freeze!

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows’ promo
It’s like the 80s cartoon!

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 2 promo
Still not caring.

‘Grimsby’ TV spot

‘Pride and Glory’ promo

Michael Clayton’ (2007) promo

Gluten free pancakes - nice.
Roasted beetroot and sage dip - ugh.
Roasted salted jumbo peanuts and cashews - good.

Those Alien League ads on E4 are adverting a new show called ‘The Alien’ which sounds bad.

There’s a town called Dicksville Notch?

The Estate: Life on the Edge’ Quotes:
“Oh my good Jesus Christ!”

“You’re a dirty bitch.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Anger and apprehension.”

“For having behaved as to how I asked them in court.”

“A dirty concept.”

“The least effective.”

“Removing any criticism from your voice.”

“An ornament of eccentric respectability.”

“Corporeal intimacy.”

“Neurotic fury.”

“Complementary forces.”

“Creeping notion.”

“A historical unwillingness.”

“How often the woman seems like an intruder.”

“An unwavering embrace.”

‘News’ Quote:
“Can’t afford to exist.”

‘Bridget & Eamon’ Quote:
“It’s for Brits and drug dealers.”

‘Royal Navy School’ Quote:
“Do not be weak!”

‘Horrible Histories’ Quote:
“Badger thing with big teeth.”

On ‘Neighbours’: the opening credits are changed. Brad is with his whore Lauren and their slut offspring Paige. Terese is with Paul. Steph’s son Charlie shows up. Brad’s dad Doug hates Lauren. Terese sneers at Lauren about Brad’s LONG history of cheating. Lauren gets rid of Matt’s portrait. Steph’s son is a bratty anger addict and Brennan at last realises Paige is lying deceitful trash.

Best Line:
“Keep an eye on Brad. He cheats.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Grace is orange, Trevor manhandles Grace and Trevor regards hypnotoad with a sceptical tone. Has Peri got over not wanting her baby? Are Ste and John-Paul divorced? Hynotoad and his dreadful tattoos lurks. Ben Bradley and Sienna hang out. Darren is an arse. Esther is back at work. JJ is seen ignored on the sofa. Kim’s skanky nurse’s uniform looks unhygienic.

Jason has an unreasonable bias against Joe, forgetting hypnotoad stole Lindsey. Where’s Dirk? There must be an irreversible neurotoxin in the Chester water supply. Trevor menaces Darren. I don’t care about these people or their personal life narratives. WTF is hypnotoad plotting? Jason and Holly are getting married. What can we realistically expect from hypnotoad?

Nico has a heart attack in school. Ben blames isolated character Trevor. Have TPTB forgotten that Nico is a loon. Nico wasn’t taking her anti-rejection meds. Grace blames Trevor. Hypnotoad is a disgusting pig and frolics in the Chlamydia hot tub with a new family member. Who jumps into a hot tub in Feb? Ben steals a gun from the evidence room and goes after Trevor. Ben is a PSYCHO.

Best Lines:
“Trevor did this.”

“Your daily meltdowns.”

“How big and manly I can be.”


“You need to get your shirt and go.”

“Someone tried to murder me.”

“Grace was lonely.”

“Don’t ask me to forgive you.”

“You still didn’t come back.”
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