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Book Review: The Pagan Night

The Pagan Night: Book One Of The Hallowed War by Tim Akers
This fantasy starts out okay swiftly goes downhill as various characters have surface politeness that hides poisonous hatreds. Naturally things go irredeemably sour due to morons, bizarre religious goings on and false associations. This has no unexpected pathos just super-flippant idiots picking fights leading to a gloomy conclusion. A gone to seed war hero has a moron son named Ian who spews agitprop sloganeering and who sees cultural cachet in pointless wars.

Things go to ludicrous extremes with the bad writing, the padding and the quite elaborate major upheavals of logic. This was a bog-standard ‘Game of Thrones’ knockoff, the war hero is Ned and Ian is an even dumber Sansa. This has no living moments or believable character movement. Everyone is convinced of the rightness of their own views, the religious systems various people are avowed by makes no sense, Ian is an indefensible fool and initial expectations fall away due to the lack of serious and rounded characters, indecisive action and dialogue that makes ‘Seaquest DSV’ look classy and high-end. This has two sequels to come but I could care less. I’ve no intention of reading anything else by this perptually terrible author.

Best Line:
“Father, if you reject me now, you reject me forever.”
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