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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Manson’s Lost Girls’ (2016) promo
The tale of the Manson girls and the infamous murders they commited. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“There’s food, drugs and Charlie.”

“Everyones with everyone.”

‘One Child’ promo

‘Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip’ TV spot

‘Cthulhu Mansion’ (1990) trailer

‘Henry Danger’ opening credits

‘Escape Plan’ promo

Original Green Tea with honey - no.
Peanuts - yum.
Hot milk with whiskey and vanilla essence - ugh.
Roasted onion hummus - no.
Apple & Spinach raw juice - excellent.
Carrots, beetroot, kale and pea shoots raw juice - horrible.

I will review ‘Experimental Film’, ‘Unhallowed Ground’, The Red Prince' and ‘The Dagger Affair’.

My review of ‘The Mammoth Book of the Mummy’ is delayed.

I won’t read ‘Great Zoo Of China’ or ‘Angel & Faith’ 10x22.

Bal Sagoth’s music is not good.

There’s a wild jaguar in Tucson?

Recall ‘Warriors’ from 1999? Or the icky 2002 ‘The Forsythe Saga’ or Ioan Gruffudd’s horrible 1996 ‘Poldark’ attempt?

What’s Kik?

Matt LeBlanc is the new co-host of ‘Top Gear’?!?

There will be a ‘Cruel Intentions’ TV show? Who would ill-advisedly watch this?

Elizabeth Banks is to play Rita Replusa? Ha.

‘Bosco’ and his magic door that never led anywhere and the silly beach cartoon. No reverential nostalgia or amiable gentleness here.

Why has the UK horror film ‘Containment’ been renamed ‘Infected’?

Saw some of ‘Tension At Table Rock’ (1958) and DeForest Kelly was the baddie!

Recall ‘Auntie’s Bloomers’?

‘The Man From UNCLE’ Quote:
“I’m going to repay you for this, Mr Mandor. Personally.”

‘King George and Queen Mary: The Royals Who Saved The Monarchy’ Quotes:
“Below the quality line.”

“Exile and social death.”

“Dissolute and dim.”

“The plum was rotten.”

“His by right.”

“Impossible woman.”

“A lesser sacrifice.”

“Something to be deplored.”

“Rather liked his ivy.”

“A haughty kleptomaniac.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Filled them with rage - and she was meant to.”

“She’s tactless and insensitive.”

“Explore the idealism.”

“Prelapsarian bodily innocence.”

“A truer, freer way of being.”

“She didn’t push us all to the edge of sanity.”

“A romantic search.”

“Left in their wake a trail of abandoned women and children.”

“Performed a role that not only proved devastating to her.”

“Surrounded by large men.”

“There is no phoney entente.”

“Become clear-eyed about the choices they are making.”

“Rebellions are myriad.”

“Nasty and competitive.”

“Who don’t forget or forgive.”

“Implausible opposition.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Refuse-collecting monsters.”

“Green bins are particularly vulnerable to being blown over on windy days.”

“Wheelie bins are a blight on collection days.”

“They are a permanent eyesore in terraced properties.”

“Historical gibberish.”

“Societal observations.”

“Treated despicably.”

“The dreaded spate to come.”

“The smell of burning books always reminds me of Christian picnics in east Texas.”

“Cold-heartedness and profit-motivation.”

“Potentially decisive game-changer.”

“Dumbfounded by the outcome.”

“Dismaying setbacks.”

“Found no credible evidence.”

“Gene flow.”

“Unreasonable and inappropriate.”

“Antagonised him.”

“Shadowy to say the least.”

“It survived “English Williamites, a French invasion, two fires, a feminine and civil war”,”

“Interact with yourself in a space.”

“A classless warble.”

“Constant attempt to maintain dignity.”

“The iconic resonance.”

“Madly charismatic.”

“You have been taught to make your own work.”

“Inconveniently contemporaneous.”

“Heightened anticipation.”

“Aggravate the long-running feud.”

“Emotional shock.”

“An unlikely high-speed chase. In a tractor. In a blizzard.”

“Titular ovis.”

“Home sheep.”

“Had to look noble and well built.”

“Paranoid psychoses.”

“Gutsy pulp.”

“Silly fizz.”

“Propelled into the professional shadows.”

“Honest toil.”

“Uncharacteristically frightful.”

“Implode into a series of wild recriminations.”

“Lacks the enigma.”

“Dumb can do better.”

“Communication proves unavoidable.”

“Equally unyielding.”

“Unreasonable rage.”

“Quiet mayhem.”

“Long, creeping takes.”

“Not unreasonably accuse him of sour grapes.”

“Crackling anger.”

“Total elation.”

“An old fashioned aristocratic lifestyle: drinking, gambling and spending money he didn’t have.”

“A courier who looked as if he had passed out twice hefting it up by driveway.”

“A glue-induced hallucination.”


“Specifically to introduce eight-year-olds to the concept of ennui.”

“Deeply flawed games.”

“Increasingly disengaged from each other on an interpersonal level.”

“Angry groans.”

“Dating someone below their own education level.”

“Pretentious up-sellers.”

“Dejections canines.”

“His tongue was become involved, which I had not expected, and found alarming, as if a seaslug was flailing about in my mouth.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“In the expectation that they would die.”

“Blunderbuss treatment.”

‘Great American Railroad Journeys’ Quotes:
“The railway is 12 years off.”

“A terrible state of shattered nerves.”

“A cadet will not lies, cheat or steal. Or tolerate those who do.”

“Not research grade skies.”

“Don’t learn it from a book.”


“Ale historian.”

‘Bring It On: Fight To The Finish’ Quotes:
“You’re so lucky I found Jesus!”

“He’s always dating down.”

“Mama said I can’t be in no gang!”

‘Cowboy Traders’ Quotes:
“She needs stopping.”

“Contagious intestinal diseases.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“Ad baculum.”

“Privilege explaining.”

“A fearsome local loyalty.”

“Agenda trolling.”

“Terminal dimwits.”

“Threw power on the floor.”

“Current discontent.”

“An enemy ideology.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the new family are irresponsible and lessen the joy. Kim saves Esther, no unrelenting tension there. Thorpe bothers Trevor. Tegan annoys. Who is Alfie’s dad? Is the Lindsey storyline inspired by the hospital insulin murder case? Grace looms and where is Curtis? Grace dumps Esther and shags Trevor. No couple is mutually supportive. Lindsey and her mohair suit tweaks. Why is Lindsey helping Celine make beds? Where is Pete going on trial? Lindsey does withering sadistic pauses. Where are Frankie and Jack? This is unrepresentative of real life. Where is Scott? Trevor smiles. Celine’s dumb and hypnotoad returns.

Best Lines:
“A strong sexy lion!”

“That walking hairball.”
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