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Book Reviews: The Death Of Sleep + Generation Warriors + Life As We Knew It

The Planet Pirates Volume 2: The Death Of Sleep by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye
This has mentions of term husbands and feast days and a cover that shows a woman with a Lady Gaga hairdo throttling a bird alien. This centres on Sassinak’s ancestor Lunzie who keeps ending up in cold sleep. Thusly Lunzie is much older than she looks. In this future, there is no internet but there is hookup culture, Tri-D, plaques, cubes, music disks and post bricks. Heavyworlders are angry and Lunzie is big into Discipline which is like yoga. This has a different style of writing and a load of exposition dumps. There is a ship called Ban Sidhe, really outdated pop culture references, soap opera, assassins, robots, sex, force-belts, mumbling about the Others and Lunzie being a horrendous judgmental failure as a mother and a person.

The heavyworlders do entitled pointed whinging and Lunzie regards them in less than complementary terms, there is no morbid atmosphere just wooden cringe-inducing dialogue, comically inane plotting and nothing is claustrophobic or disturbing. Lunzie doesn’t regard her life as nightmarish or unendurable and she has no momentous long-term repercussions from her cold sleeps. Heavyworlders are a cadre of fanatics who act in bitter contemptuous ways and this isn’t brilliantly accessible. This ends on a wretched cliffhanger which was already resolved in Volume 1.

In short in this 1990 novel artificial kinds of characters do somewhat unconvincing things and this gives them and the reader no special satisfaction.

Best Lines:
“All citizens - who participated in an open sex lifestyle were responsible for ensuring they were disease - and - vermin - free or honestly stating that there was a problem, so there was no risk just joy.”

“Palpable dread.”

“Let go of Tlink’s tentacle and he will let go of your hair.”

“Surnames are barbaric. They let people judge you by your ancestry or your profession, instead of your behaviour.”

“He sent us ten k of data or so every time he heard of a message batch being complied for our system.”

“I fret that none of her children, bar one, are unhappy living in a technological slum, polluted and hemmed in by meritocracy and duplication.”

“This creature once ruled old Earth. Nothing could stop him. A heavyworlder did, for fun!”

The Planet Pirates Volume 3: Generation Warriors by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon
This 1991 novel has p-booths, fast-tapes and introduces the alien Lethi and Bronthin. Lunzie and Sassinak and their gang of morons take on the pirates in this final novel. Lunzie has weird racial interactions with heavyworlders, Sassinak acts like a tool and self protective lies are told. The planet pirate conspiracy is taken down and the baddies punished (all off the page). Then the trilogy abruptly ends and it is all a bit disconcerting how law, biology and sense are all ignored. Nobody has psychological trauma and what were the baddies motives? Other than a hubristic desire for profit/revenge? There is more vegan smugness and this was a non-logical slow-witted, risible morass of unadulterated codology mixed with toxic levels of claptrap.

Best Line:
“Disgusting lumps of geometrical regularity.”

Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer
This 2006 novel is book 1 of the 4 book ‘Moon Crash’ saga. Their world ends tonight as an asteroid hits the moon and a frankly  silly disaster unfolds. Miranda, her two brothers and awful narcissistic mother ‘fight’ to survive. This was not a suspenseful thriller and does not congeal. There is bizarre weather, a friend of Miranda’s goes off with a pervert and the boy she likes leaves town. If the Yellowstone caldera has exploded, they’d all be dead. There is imaginary deprivation and this not astute cultural commentary and has no quality and is drearily predictable and strangely unsatisfying.

Best Lines:
“There was still some praying going on in someone’s backyard, but at least the screaming had stopped.”

“AP is reporting that the Statue of Liberty has been washed out to sea.”


“I don’t know if there is a Cornell any more.”
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