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Book Review: The Dark Is Rising

The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper
This is the 2nd in a classic 5 book young adult fantasy series. I haven't read the other 4 books in the series and this book was also adapted into a film which I've not seen.

Anyway Will is an 11 year old living with his large family in a quaint English village. But something is rotten in town, strange people are following him, there are creepy birds everywhere and then his mentor shows up to reveal that Will is actually an Old One. No, Will isn't Cthulu - he is magical individual who has to save humanity from the forces of the Dark. And the Dark is rising (hence the title).

So Will faces down the dark powers of the evil Rider, tracks down various Signs and learns how to do magic. All along he is mentored by Merriman, who is obviously Merlin. This is a good read, it takes a while to get into but it is worth it. It has myth, magic, folklore and unobservant parents.
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