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The Mad Death (1983) Episode 2 + iZombie 1x03 + some Moonlighting Reviewed

The Mad Death (1983) Episode 2
Creepy creepy opening credits. The rabies outbreak is now public knowledge. A sign is put up near Tom’s house that says: Rabies infected area keep out. Dogs are rounded up or vaccinated and muzzled. Foxes are poisoned. The psycho boyfriend yells. People are morons and annoying.

A rabid Alsatian runs around a shopping centre as people panic. A man glares at ferrets. Is that Piers from ‘The New Statesman’? There is bad acting, Tom’s mistress ends up in hospital foaming at the mouth and a mad animal hoarder woman won’t confine her pets. The impounded pets are treated badly. A man shoots another man’s horse out of spite. The mad woman gets revenge on the awful ‘heroes’ and this sucked.

Best Lines:
“There’s no need for panic despite the fact.”

“Emergency supplies of poison gas have been airlifted.”

“Your farm is in the infected area.”

“Well past the furious stage.”

“It’s legal.”
“Only since the emergency.”

“We need the neck and head for analysis.”

“Don’t be bloody impertinent man.”

“Rabies boss goes mad in bar.”

“Finland’s clear.”

“Fresh dog faeces.”

“I’d thank you to get off my property.”

The Exterminator
I’m feeling dissolution of interest. There is no suppressed panic about a potential zombie horde. This was dreary. This show gives me irritated boredom. Major thinks he doesn’t really need Liv’s level of drama in his life. Liv has lofty smugness. Blaine lurks and has a disturbing penchant for ghoulish humour in inappropriate circumstances and is cheerfully traumatising and murdering people. Liv’s roommate is annoying repeat ad infinitum. Liv has visions and is full of inexpressible things. This was a sad indictment of TV. Strange and inexplicable things happen. Why is Major such an asshole? This was awful.

Major has no consideration, there is anti-social personality disorder, no justice, another zombie, a bookmaker and they try to scare the information out of people. Liv is not a vivid figure and has no guilt response to eating people. Nobody deals with the curious instance of the boat attack. The roommate has the power to contaminate integrity, nobody finds Liv’s acts extraordinarily worrying, Major refuses to forgive Liv’s PTSD and nobody has the greatest concern for sense.

Best Lines:
“I know I should but I don’t.”

“I’m looking for a big rock.”

“Some scary dude hanging around.”

“Good look proving that.”

“What if someone lets her out?”

“The morgue medium says so.”

“Impressive yet concerning.”

“He died owning me money.”

“You will never draw another free breath.”

Moonlighting (1986 - 1989) 1x01&3x07&3x08&5x01&5x04-07&5x13
The detective/soap opera/romantic comedy drama that inflicted Bruce Willis upon us.

Maddie’s money is stolen but she has a detective agency. No

Atomic Shakespeare
The cast do ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ Funny.

It’s A Wonderful Job
What if Maddie had closed the agency? Well David would have married Cheryl Tiegs. Average.

A Womb With A View
Maddie’s unborn baby (Willis) is visited by an angel who tells him about his future. Then Maddie miscarries. Okay.

Plastic Fantastic Lovers
The duo help a man who was horribly maimed by a cosmetic surgeon. Cue a murder and a chainsaw attack and breast implants being hurled around. Okay.

Best Line:

Shirts and Skins
The firm takes on a sexual harassment case. Cue David being sexist. Bad.

Take My Wife, For Example
A famously fierce divorce lawyer, a murder and a punch-up. Okay.

Lunar Eclipse
The show is cancelled, the sets are dismantled and it is all over. Bad.
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