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Trailers, Quotes and a 2002 Tape Tale

‘Labyrinth’ (1986) trailer
Muppets and Bowie and singing and an 80s fright wig.

‘Unhallowed Ground’ (2015) trailer
School cadets, burglars and guns. Looks good.

Best Line:
“Horror movie 101: never investigate.”

‘Dance N Twirl’ Barbie
Use a huge radio remote control to make Barbie dance!

Best Line:
“Batteries and Ken not included.”

‘Elementary’ promo
Is this still on?

‘The Walking Dead’ promo

Whole nut milk chocolate - yum.
Dragonfruit, yuzu, zinc and Ceylon tea - ugh.

Strawberry soufflé face masque - smells like Opal Fruits.

RIP Frank Finaly of the 1976 'Bouquet of Barbed Wire'.

Anyone recall Heinz steamed puddings? Biarritz bars? Orange Viscounts? Haunted House pasta in a tin? Smash? Supermarkets having an entire aisle devoted to Soda Stream cordials? French Brad pizzas? Strawberry Pepsi?

Anyone else have a relative who gives unwanted insanely aggressive ‘help’ and unwanted ‘advice’?

Recall Dance Magic Barbie? Western Fun Barbie and her horse Sun Runner? Or Totally Hair Barbie? Or Dream Glow Barbie?

WTF are Herbal Womb Detox Pearls?

So ‘House of Cards’ got a 5th season. Shrug.

‘King George & Queen Mary: The Royals Who Saved The Monarchy’ Quotes:
“Royalty was above education.”

“Had the intellectual capacities of a railway porter.”

“Rumours that he was Jack The Ripper.”

“Unreliable to the last, caught the flu and died.”

“Flagrantly dynastic marriage.”

“Looked at the frogs in the garden.”

“You dress like a cad.”

“Riot begets riot.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Cultural submission.”

“But then complained.”

“Let me speak ill of the living.”

“Amiability bewitched many.”

“Became the prevalent narrative.”

“Disputed issues.”

“Realistic defence capability.”

“Some kind of dereliction or malevolence.”

“Defended it until help arrived.”

“Lawyerly evasiveness.”

“Pounding battle drums and militaristic machismo.”

“Unimpeachably heroic.”


“Scummy mummy.”

“Go home and get a wash.”

“Neither disorderly nor unparliamentarily.”


“Flying beaver.”


“Malicious and vengeful.”

“Lying was the game.”

“Paranoia and desperation.”

“Writ small.”


“The aesthetic is aggressively web 1.0,”

“Misplaced glances.”

“Camouflaged miscreants.”

“Potentially dangerous lies.”

“Leaving a comment that was deemed annoying.”

“Crossed the line from nuisance to outright menace.”

“Hardly relevant.”

“Disjointed and disturbing messages.”

“Dark insinuations.”

“His flaws burnished.”

“Randomness and inadequacy.”

“Tragic new significance.”

“Pride felt shameful.”

“Felt neither guilty nor responsible.”


“To have random strangers from the internet calling them.”

“Some measure of relief.”

“Under appreciative overdramatic teenagers.”

“Deliberately staged dispute.”

“Insufficiently committed.”

“Divisive and alienating.”

‘Flintoff: Lord of the Fries’ Quote:
“A training caber.”

‘Animal Hording’ Quote:
“Not listening to nobody.”

‘Manchester’s Serial Killer?’ Quotes:
“A difficult conversation about what someone was doing.”

“Fallen in there on his own accord.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Why am I 30,000 dollars in debt for medical fees?”

“Unduly threatening.”

‘Teen Mom’ Quote:
“He needs to get approved to stay here.”

‘Devil’s Consort’ Quotes:
“Are you willing to ally yourself with the gutter sweepings of Europe?”

“He watches every breath you take, and prays it will be your lat.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“It was very hands-on until it wasn’t.”

“When mid-life hit, it was unbearable for him.”

“Middle-aged alienation.”

“Evasions and dishonesties.”

“Ordinarily terrible.”

“Problematic male gazing.”

“Move slowly and moronically.”

“Sanctimoniously informed.”

“A miserable sham.”

“Discuss respectable topics in staid tones and with an air of intolerable self-confidence.”

“Morally better.”

“Ingrained suspicion.”

“Respectful care.”

“Simple, sheer inability.”

“Mutual distrust.”


“Looking dishevelled and smelling of urine.”

“A very, very antisocial group.”

“The mediocrity of contemporary thought.”

“To find some kind of path of understanding.”

“Has less power than he feels he deserves.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Hating eyes.”

“Tidal limit.”

“Charged with intent to murder.”

Cleared out a tape from 2002. It began with a ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Rogue’ in which the clex is undermined by Clark’s lies and a crazy cop. Victoria lurks with her bad acting and annoying mien. Chloe and Lana have no gratefulness. The colour scheme is very red. Jonathan Kent has a cultural reluctance to see sense. Clark wears too much corduroy. The Kents are inherently elitist. The sets look like an 80s social welfare office.

Best Line:
“Such negative feelings.”

Then came a season 6 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Once More With Feeling’ which was the musical ep. This was the sole highlight of the disastrously limited season 6. This show is in odd looking widescreen. There is bad singing and angry glares. This ep is actually horrendous with little popular resonance. The plot is preposterous and self-consciously hip post-modernism. The teen angst BC doesn’t coalesce and this has the stink of desperation.

Best Line:
“His penis got diseases.”

Then there was an ‘Angel’ ep ‘Fredless’ which was not productive or constructive, it had no power or subtlety and was not incredibly authentic. Finally there was a ‘The Pretender’ ep ‘Crazy’ in which Jarod did more redressing of grievances. This lacked credibility and was unwatchable due to bad tracking. This ep prompted dissatisfaction and was of a reprehensible nature. There is no reasonable rationale to the litany of falsehoods and deceptions that Jarod carries out. This was neither extraordinary or emotive.
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