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Movie Review: The World’s End (2013)

This was absolutely awful. Gary King (the ever more annoying Simon Pegg) obsesses over the best night of life from 1990. He believes he was the leader of his gang of friends and king of their small town. Now the vile ugly Gary who looks like a homeless tramp and still wears the same Sisters of Mercy outfit he did in 1990 gathers together his old friends who he hasn’t seen in years to go on a pub crawl. His friends don’t actually like him or the way he refers to them in disparaging terms.

For some reason they go on the pub crawl so Gary, Oliver (Martin Freeman), Andy (Nick Frost, who only seems to get work because he is BFF with Pegg), Peter and Steven reunite. After ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’ this was a total letdown. There is a germ of an interesting idea with pathetic manchild Gary and his bad dye job and how his ‘friends’ hate his lying inconsiderate alcoholic ass. But TPTB ruin it.

This was not strangely alluring as Gary utters gross provocations and still speaks in teen argot. Why is anyone hanging out with him? They walk around Newton Haven having disruptive contact with Gary. This is a bleak verdict on the intellectual capacity of filmmakers. Gary still dresses in 90s forced fashion trends and thinks everything he says or does is a fist pumping sequence. This cinematic plague was literally painful to watch.

Gary uses his friends as a surrogate social life and has a proclivity for causing chaos, strife and discord. He has a toxic persona and causes bad feelings by the trolliest means. Gary is neither an iconoclast nor a ranting misfit. He pants after Oliver’s sister Sam (Rosamund Pike) and has unrealistic expectations of the pub crawl. Then the aliens show up.

Yes TPTB throw away potentially interesting drama about the trapped in his youth Gary and his self-destructive choices, depression, suicide attempt and nostalgia trip to have the ‘friends’ make out with teenage girls and hit aliens with bar stools. This was not poignant or funny. It was full of windy exposition and stricken looks. The terrifying ordinariness of Gary’s life, his awful clothes and his bitter knowledge that the best days of his life are long long gone matter not. He swears at aliens and ruins the planet. Oh and some other guy hits his bully with a branch.

Best Lines:
“You sold my guitar to buy drugs.”

“You have a friend here to see you.
“No I don’t.”

“I haven't had a drink for 16 years Gary.”
“You must be thirsty then.”

“Rob small charming pubs of any discernible character.”

“Big ugly bastards wearing warpaint.”

“Massive wide-ons.”

“Can’t help feeling sorry for him.”

“On those dark country roads where they can deal with us.”

“Organic renewal.”

“Have you had sex yet?”
“We have two children.”
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