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Book Review: Indexing: Reflections

Indexing: Reflections by Seanan McGuire
The sequel to ‘Indexing’ is very good. Evil, jealous and tormented fairy tales run amok rapturously twisting events and people. So a Snow White, a Pied Piper, a wicked stepsister and various others attempt to put a stop to a gleeful inversion of the unrealistic burden of expectation of fairy tales. This was good and dark apart from really ill-timed jokes about David Bowie in ‘Labyrinth’.

Best Lines:
“Grass has its own narrative weight.”

“The laws of rational reality didn’t necessarily apply here.”

“Bad things are coming.”
“Bad things are here,”

“When all the people who remembered my origins were safely in their graves-”

“If you enjoy chewing, you’ll back down.”

“Who the hell kept a hedge maze on their property, anyway?”

“Narrative rejection.”

“The woods didn’t want to be mapped. They wanted to be dark, and tangled and twisted and unknowable. They had a vested interest in their own impenetrability."
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