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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Big Short’ TV spot

Best Line:
“I can feel you judging me.”

‘Trumbo’ TV spot

Gluten and wheat free supersoft white sandwich rolls - okay.

I may review ‘American Crime Story’.

Recall Lean Cuisine?

The 1990 ‘Buried Alive’ had the tagline: From The Grave’s Cold Grip There Is No Escape!

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Badger-streaked hairdo, a glorious crescendo of peroxide and hairspray.”

“Dirty R&B.”

“Raver music.”

“Explanation phase.”

“Sadly feasible.”

“Forbidding presence.”

“Shredded suet.”

“Highly developed spiv walk.”

“Polishing his coffins.”

“Pompous little figure.”

“Slowly and creakily.”

“Dismal, dreary look.”

“A terrible line in sweatshirts.”

“Dense, intellectually demanding tome.”

“One-dimensional thugs.”

“Not a disinterested observer.”

“Fart of derision.”

“The furniture outshines the dialogue.”

“Childish helplessness.”

“Guests in their own lives.”

“Waterlogged riverine mud.”

“The corrosive culture of self-pity, defeatism and entitlement.”


“It was impossible to tell the truth here and live.”

“Dangerous perversities.”

“Grating disharmony.”

“Walk-in thong closets.”

“Low-budget British horror about a possessed tree.”

“Gender confirmation.”

“Sex furniture.”

“Abrasion cavities.”

“Denied-area operations.”

“Bawdy anecdotes, erudite literary allusions and cynical insights into humanity.”

“Street work.”

“Periodic selective morality.”

“Expedient amorality.”

“Operational props.”

“No brake light.”

“Recruited source.”

“Keep her productive.”


“No one in a city street looks up.”


“A bikini stage show.”

“Collecting of grudges and injustices and righteous indignation.”

“No one likes you, you’re unbearable.”

“I don’t have a drug problem, I have a police problem.”

“Panicking, lying to the press and running through the back of a McDonald’s to avoid Leathers.”

“Stabbing manically.”

“Carried out on a stretcher and killed lying on it.”

“Perennially interested.”


“Disturbed individuals in their bedsits.”

“They endured, they suffered with grace.”

“The last scions.”

“Then they will be after you.”

“His deepest intentions are obscure.”

“Severe whispers.”

“Controlled hostility.”

“Shared obloquy.”

“A crab making a break for it along the floor of a restaurant kitchen clutching a large knife in its claw.”

“Indulged this whim.”

“A lunatic life.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“We can’t morally let this happen.”

“Inflicted their misfortune on themselves.”

“Ill-advised shoes.”

“Indignity and paranoia.”

“Ill-judged remarks.”

“Manifestly more pernicious.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“His unfortunate personality.”

“Your ability to assess risk is diminished.”

“More co-operative stance.”

‘Indexing: Reflections’ Quote:
“We find her. We shoot her. We bury her on unhallowed ground, and we never speak her name again, ever, for as long as we live.”
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