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Movie Reviews: Burnt At The Stake + Under The Car + 4 others

Burned At The Stake aka The Coming (1981)
In 1692 a young girl in Salem accuses people of being witches and they are executed. In 1980 a descendant of the accuser Ann Putnam (Susan Swift) is haunted by the past. This has time travel, an angry dad, bad makeup, witches and a false history. This was ridiculous and all incongruent weirdness. This was slow paced and has the dubious distinction of frenzied performances and bad make up. This has no gothic menace just over emotive screeching.

Under The Car (1992)
This short film sees a group of friends get into a car in a dark deserted parking lot. Something is under the car and kills them one by one with ferocity. There is no escape and only inside the car is safe. This was good with an okay ending.

The Shoes Of The Fisherman (1968)
There is a Pope, malign forces, planted ideas and emotions and this was not favourable with understated menace behind polite formulations. What is this about?!?!

Best Lines:
“They are ignored. Very politely of course.”

“None of us deserves anything.”

The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)
A potboiler.

Green For Danger (1946)
Bad and not of profound significance.

V.I Warshawski (1991)
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