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Lost Season 5 Ep 16 review

The Incident 1&2

Jacob and some other guy have a meaningful chat while wearing black and white shirts and watching what seems to be the Black Rock sail toward the island. The black and white motif must hark back to Locke's ominous speech about dominos back in season 1. It seems all this has happened before and will happen again. We get to see the statue at last and it's creepy. Flashbacks show how Jacob visited Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Jack, Ilana, Locke and Sayid at various turning points in their lives.

Jack and Sayid take the bomb's core. Richard pulls a gun telling them: "I'm protecting our leader." Seeing Richard being protective of the pregnant Eloise is oddly sweet. So if Eloise is the leader, what does that make Widmore? It is revealed that Rose, Bernard and Vincent the dog have been living by the beach in peace all these years. It seems all the other Oceanic 815 survivors are dead.

Jack continues with his mad quest to undo all their island adventures. Sawyer objects and then he, Juliet and Kate all agree to help. Only Miles points out the obvious, that they're going to cause what they're trying to prevent. Something they've been doing all season. The Incident happens: Phil dies and Juliet falls done a shaft and sets off the bomb.

It's clear that Locke is playing Ben like a puppet and that he doesn't like Richard. The dramatic change in Locke's personality is explained in a somewhat unexpected manner. However it seems Jacob had a backup plan involving Richard all along. Ilana asks Richard what lies in the shadow of the statue and he tells her. Meanwhile Ben knifes Jacob.

This was good, I've no idea how season 6 will go but as long as Richard is there, I'll be watching.

When did Richard get to the island? What caused the statue to collapse? Why did travellers on the submarine need to be sedated? Why didn't Sayid and Jack ask about the ruins and carvings they were wandering around? Won't Horace notice the hole in his house that leads to mysterious underground caverns? How did 'Locke' intend to deal with the Ajira people? What did Ilana think Lapidus was a candidate for? Why didn't Ben tell Richard what he was planning? Who hit Nadia? Didn't Dharma notice the weird underground tunnels? The Dharma sub captain has a submarine on his jumpsuit patch. Why was Ilana in hospital in such a terrible state and how did she know Jacob? So if Jacob wasn't living in the hut, who did Locke and Ben visit there in season 3? What is the apparition of Jack's dad about? What happened to Claire? Did Richard see Jacob? If Jacob lived in the foot of the statue, did Richard have to walk there every time Jacob had a note for Ben? What will change now Jacob is gone? Who was Jacob? Who is Richard for that matter? Will Sayid die? Did 'Locke' not like Richard because he's a servant of Jacob? Can you actually set a nuclear bomb off by hitting it with a rock? So Jacob only communicated with Ben with notes sent via Richard. How did Jacob make Richard immortal?

Best Lines:
"Ben told me that he strangled you."
"That is my recollection."

"I've never seen someone come back to life."
"And I've never seen anyone who doesn't age. That doesn't mean it can't happen."
"I'm this way because of Jacob."

"What's done is done."

"If you come into contact with a hostile, you are authorised to use deadly force."

"Let's pull over and get shot."

"It's always something with you people."

"Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually going to cause the thing he says he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke is the Incident? Maybe the best thing to do is nothing? I'm glad you all thought this through."

"Things will change once he's gone."
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