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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Grossbusters’ promo

‘Vinyl’ promo

Tangy raspberry truffle with a hint of cardamom spice smothered in chocolate - okay.
Lemon curd - yum.

I will review ‘The 100’ season 3.

Poor P, still gone, still missed. Come home.

A Outance - to the death.

Voila les seul devoirs que j’aie pu rendre - behold the only respects I can pay her.

Justesse dans son esprit et de la justice dans son coeur - sound judgement and sure instinct.

Myleene Klass bath soak and body crème smell nice.

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Lurking suspiciously in some bushes.”

‘Buried Alive’ (1990) Quotes:
“Everybody hates her.”

“Those dirty little girls.”

“Doctor now is he? 10 years ago he was just another loony.”

“Don’t run away from me. I love you.”

“Hardly any air to breathe.”

“Don’t run from me.”

‘Daily Mail’ Quote:
“No wife in Ireland would have acted differently.”

Twink Quote:
“Your whore dropped another bastard for you.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Swallowed up by the myth.”

“Diminishes the significance.”

“Propulsive first person.”

“Overwhelming odds.”

“Resilience and resourcefulness.”

“The probability of death.”

“Looked destroyed.”

“Undeniably uplifting.”

“Get hired because of potential.”

“Too groupie.”

“Far more confident and assertive.”

“Founded by men in the early 1970s,”

“They’re still alive with the same mindset.”

“The density of the storytelling.”

“Rigorous purity.”

“Aesthetic purity.”

“Virtual gauze.”

“Purity of purpose.”

“Enormous authority.”

“Strips the plot of much lucidity and some structure.”

“Demands of loyalty, duty and political responsibility.”

“Off the scenes for bafflingly long periods of time and makes explicit mention of inner torment.”

“Surprising confusing rapidity.”

“Grinds at such a leisurely pace.”

“Insidious manipulation.”

“Just a little too in love with its own undeniable artistry.”

“Clear, concise analysis.”

“Shouty, self-appointed crusader.”

“Audacious gripping.”

“As maddening as it is terrifying.”

“Terminally witless.”

“Scarcely believable levels of decline.”

“Last-act dismantlement of its central premise.”

“Differently annoying.”

“Boringly gruff.”


“Half-assed nature of the project.”

“Whose egoism greatly exceeds their charm.”

“Seething at one another.”

“Unscrupulous and sleazy.”

“A far more naturalistic (and interesting) drama.”

“Lacklustre genre competitors.”

“In lieu of convincing narrative or dialogue.”

“Disturbing on many levels.”

“Moral defect.”

“Organised pattern of resistance.”

“Evil came through their door.”

“Automatically entitled to respect and social advantage.”

“The solitude, the uncertainty and the perpetual sense of displacement.”

“Emptiness and despair.”

“Self care.”

“Constructs a sense of total emptiness.”

“Failed to achieve any momentum.”

“Failed to gain traction.”

“A cause for hatred and enmity.”

“Cartels run by elderly men.”

“Spent nine years in five US prisons.”

“Teachers say they increasingly feel bullied by some parents whose expectations for their children far exceed their academic ability.”

“Increasing reluctance.”

‘News’ Quote:
“Mother’s drunken male friends.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:
“The worthy tool of such a monster.”

‘Madame De Pompadour’ Quotes:
“The unfortunate separation of the king and capital would have heavy consequences for the future.”

“Murderous ineptitude.”

“Penurious exile.”


“It was a world in which ridicule was death.”

“What had been acceptable for the Roi Soleil was less so fifty years later. Versailles was inadequately heated, lacking in modern sanitation, ill-ventilated and none too clean.”

“Attention was paid.”

“It never seems to have occurred to him that this was not the most effective way of pursuing foreign policy.”

“Beneficent force.”

“Unfeigned envy.”

“Countrified elegance.”

“Accepted this as immutable wisdom.”

“Desultory conversation.”

“Reverent silence.”

“Found court customs incomprehensible.”

“Incommode her.”

“Amie necessaire.”

“The misfortune to succeed.”

“Coup de patte.”

“All I see in France are mad men and bad citizens.”

“Plays despair.”

“Moral art.”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“Why does a robot need a codpiece?”

‘Insidious’ Quotes:
“I don’t think bad wiring is the problem here.”

“They can smell it.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: vexatious Ben broods. Is Patrick dead? Someone bashed Trevor. Where is Scott? Lockie is gone from the opening credits. Where is Cameron? No one sees Trevor lying behind the beer barrels. Diego prances in his pants. Where is Craig? The new family are an encumbrance. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Craig dumped John-Paul because of his slavish adherence to hetronormative conventions? Does he not care about their son, about John-Paul’s trials or the total collapse of his and John-Paul’s relationship? Myra annoys. Ben snarls. For Nancy taking offence is a lifestyle choice. Does nobody care where Sinead and Hannah are? The new family are not a much vaunted injection of new. The cast go all out, dignity be damned. Quality has plunged to unspeakable lows. Does no one recall Fraser Black? Nico’s kidney medication is mentioned. Freddie is still AWOL. Everyone is an unhelpful negative person. There are no Tolstoyian reflections just a ruinous domino effect of bad acting. Esther acts in a hostile way. Ben’s suspended, Thorpe lurks and Ben is not emotionally soothing. Sienna is bizarrely consistent in her choice of awful men. Where is Mitzeee during Maxine’s problems? Trevor has PTSD. Is Jade dying?
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