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Blindpsot 1x09 + Person Of Interest 4x11 Reviewed

Authentic Flirt
Blondie is bothered by her ex. Two ghastly people have inquisitional vigour. The CIA git orders snaky around. Clues are found on a puppy message board. Nobody asks if anything they do is legal. Kurt and Jane have more weird sexual undertones. Jane speaks Bulgarian, the two ghastly people die and Jane and Kurt pretend to be them. People in witsec are in peril. Kurt’s US Marshal ex lurks. Jane’s tattoos are covered with makeup and she wears a dress and a necklace to go undercover. Jane is subtlety agonised over Kurt. As for Kurt, he wears bloke fashion and yet still looks a pie-fed navvy.

This was good but this show still obstinately refuses to make sense. Jane’s hair is coated in gel. There are t&a shots. A tech mercenary is a lot, lot worse and is impudently carnal. Kurt has no cheeky loveableness. He and Jane are cold and ruthless. Blondie’s ex initiates no significant responses. The perverted taste of the bourgeois is on display. There is overly ambitious scheming, a flashback to Jane’s past and Mayfair tries to manipulate the captured criminal (Lou Diamond Philips) only to be foiled.

Best Lines:
“You don’t get to say no to me.”

“Not a nice guy.”

“You could probably kill somebody with a spoon.”

“I’d be sorry too.”

“Some wine that’s older than the 1st world war.”

“I think he wants to sleep with me. Or us.”

“I’m talking to angry over here.”

“Or there’s that.”

The gang need to save the world economy. Reese is coldly sarcastic, there is a hostage situation and flashbacks to 2003. This was not hyper-rational and most of it is a simulation. Where is the Rinch? There is a trauma teaching meeting, glib one-liners and edgy barbs. There is no insight or calm compliance. The non deaths are not a flooding emotional force. Shaw and Root kiss and then Shaw may be dead. This was okay post cyber punk action.

Best Lines:
“Keep combatants out.”

“I’m busy making death threats to Samaritan operatives.”

“You’re fighting an IA apocalypse.”

“I’m a sociopath, I don’t have feelings.”

“Coolly delivered sarcastic warning.”

“Mildly agitated declaration of mission completion.”
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