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Movie Reviews: Prizzi’s Honor + Superhero Movie

Prizzi’s Honor (1983)
A dim hitman marries a lying thieving hitwoman while his disgraced ex manipulates. Cue deaths, kidnapping, improper storage of firearms and meddling manipulative liars. There is no compatibility of values just mental resolve, deep distrust and moral danger. This was burdensome with a lack of emotional reactivity and fluid blankness. Everyone is cast in a really bad light and everyone is part of the tainted ranks of hypocrisy. Adverse outcomes happen and this film has a continued insistence on being dull. Watching this is not an essential prerequisite.

Best Lines:
“Let him stay lost.”

“Sends some goons down there to clobber the guy.”

“Me marrying a Sicilian.”

“The years of her disgrace.”

“We forgive nothing.”

Superhero Movie (2008)
Drake Bell is reduced to starring in this spoof alongside Kevin Hart, Brent Spiner, Jeffrey Tambor, Regina Hall, Robert Hays, Pamela Anderson, Ryan Hansen, Kurt Fuller and Leslie Nielsen.  I wonder if Bell is bitter about the way his career went after his annoying show. The ‘hero’ (Bell) is bitten by a dragonfly and fights a demented nutter. This was not a brilliantly disruptive spoof but was funny in places and has languid delivery. Nobody has any discernable character traits at all and crusty bitter old men do evil things because. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“This is healthy cough blood.”

“They died violently 9 years ago.”

“You have a cut on your lip.”
“My crackpipe broke.”

“Your thighs look like cottage cheese someone threw up on a hot sidewalk.”
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