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Book Review: She Walks In Shadows, part 2

She Walks In Shadows edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, part 2

Lavinia’s Wood
The tale of how Lavinia Whatley conceived her terrible twins. She is decisively excluded, overlooked and patronised by proper people and so seeks celestial catharsis. This was deliciously villainous.

The Adventurer’s Wife
The non-cohesive tale of the widow of a man spoken of in hushed and reverential tones. This was substandard.

A man is simultaneously invited and repelled by the disorienting dissonance of a place where something terrible happened. This was good and imperiously cold.

An excellent tale of vengeance and hate. Has intensity and the unbearable certainty of doom.

The Thing On The Cheerleading Squad
At Miskatonic High, a cosseted girl sees through the normative veneer only to fall prey to elemental forces and iniquitous magic. A bleak unanswerable injustice is about to take place and this was excellent.

Body To Body To Body
An okay tale of two radically contrasting sisters and their increasingly fraught relationship.

Magna Mater
A strikingly un-normal woman walks into a museum causing implicit deference all around her. Satisfactory.

A young girl dreams of the Witch House and sheds the shackles of her bastions of conformity to get there. This was done with wary frankness.

Bitter Perfume
A family have a secret that leaves them at discordance.

Eight Seconds
A bad mother pays the price for her bad choices. Okay.
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