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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x20 Review

To The Lighthouse

'Dollhouse' and 'Chuck' were renewed, but not this. Maybe because in every ep, Sarah continues to demonstrate that she is the worst mother ever. Another AI that is probably the nascent Skynet hacks into Weaver's AI. Derek and Cameron are menaced by the Skynet flunkies. Sarah dumps John on Charley and they bond by talking about grief and rigging beaches with semtex. Inbetween bouts of being rude, Sarah learns that the lump she found in her chest is a Skynet tracking device. And chaos ensures. This ep was mostly low-key character stuff and then gunbattles erupt and Charley's killed off, John's missing and Sarah is stoic. Could she at least try to mourn Charley? Also flashbacks show how she abandoned John in a jungle as a child.

This was good. So if Skynet's already out there, what is Weaver up to? Are they different machine factions?
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