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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ trailer
I’m there.

‘Dirty Grandpa’ TV spot
Oh hell no.

‘Superhero Movie’ promo

‘Spotlight’ TV spot

Best Line:
“They knew and they let it happen!”

Rose & Violet Dark chocolate - very good.

RIP Alan Rickman.

How was ‘Scream Queens’ renewed?

I will review ‘The X Files’ miniseries.

Dear houseguests: you dropped crumbs all over the carpet, woke us up at 23:30 by stomping around and talking loudly, left a charger plugged in all night and won’t get out of bed. SHUT UP. Stop making so much noise and being thankless. Also it is not freezing; stop whining about non-existent breezes, open curtains and stop turning the heat on so high. Also stop misappropriating the tea cosy and dropping crumbs and how do you drop a heater at 23:30, how? I do your laundry but you won’t buy fabric softener and go on mad rants. Now you're gone and I'm glad, glad, glad.

I will review ‘The 13 Problems’.

Sinead from ‘Hollyoaks’ is reduced to doing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’?

What’s ‘South Of Hell’?

Boules de poussiere.

‘Role Models’ Quote:
“Nuclear horsepiss.”

‘The Kenny Everett Show’ Quotes:
“What are you doing in those trousers?”

“I fought for people like you. And I never got one.”

“Chase me round and call me names.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“It’s made TV crap.”

“Too ethnically balanced and it didn’t have a sense of what the real issues are.”

“Hostile to C4.”

“Wine access system.”

“New TV ecology.”

“Go-to-ad-break jeopardy.”

“A splashy, violent denouement.”

“Flickr memorialists, urbexers, industrial archaeology nerds.”

“Largely unimplemented.”

“Serious deficiencies.”

“Poor experience of engagement.”


“Distorting them to her own dubious purpose.”

“A feminist reworking of Hamlet seen from the point of view of Ophelia’s bedroom.”

“Certain dramaturgical choices.”

“Very seriously intended.”

“The ghastly depths.”

“Minutely observed, psychologically accurate medium.”

“Do not declaim.”

“That would be to suggest that the theatrical illusion is not complete.”

“It exists only in the memory.”

“Characteristic shabby-grandiose interior.”

“Warlike self-importance.”

“Frippery and horror.”

“Magnificent inappropriateness.”

“Find sharp shards of it lodged in my memory.”

“Psychological exactitude.”

“Quite arid and precise.”

“The narrative is not clear and every single line of verse of mauled.”

“Bridled slightly.”

“The presiding deity of British theatrical avant-gardeists.”

“We disagreed about certain basic principles - audibility and visibility of the action, for instance.”

“She beats the operatic pathos out of you.”

“It’s apparently least important character.”

“Light and efficient and precise.”

“A logical consequence.”


“Baffling aberration.”


“Long-ignored issues.”

“Inferior cultural stock.”


“A lack of rigour in plotting.”

“Sounds creepy it wasn’t.”

“All-round pervert.”

“With the most abysmal taste in royal consorts.”

“The classic distain.”

“Will not darken the doors of the Garrick Club.”

“That poisonous, mendacious nightmare.”

“Every glimmer of daylight had been banished.”

“A bunch of do goody druggie-huggers.”


“Callous, debauched and sexually ambiguous.”

“Famed for his fluid sexuality.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Blind to their own engagement in negative transactions with other people.”

“Sexually ruthless.”

“A villain’s manner.”

“Sadistic, poisonous, anti-human and sneaky.”

“Moral boundaries start to erode.”

“Audacious conceit.”

“Ignored the obvious.”

“Captor psychosis.”

“Greasy shadows.”

“Intermittently communicative.”

“Malign guilt.”

“Oblique angle.”

“Stubborn resilience.”

“Unpromising circumstances.”

“Earthiness and street quality.”

“Consistently excellent.”

“The shuttered petrol pumps, locked behind a metal cage to discourage petrol sniffers.”

“Whose dreams are spat back in their faces.”

“Led from the chancellery in a straitjacket.”

“Compulsive German need.”

“Descent into delusion in the mid-1970s.”

“A dark future towards which we inevitably hurdle.”

“It wasn’t the cute-crazy of the movies, with well-cast hallucinations and Jennifer Connelly to comfort you.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:
“Irrational opprobrium.”


“Gone behind the script writers’ backs to beef up his terrible lines.”

“Bedding slattern.”

“Mainly frequented by people of advanced years and few teeth of their own.”

“Overlapping uncertainties.”

“Victorian rational certainty.”

“Morally satisfying ending.”

“It was great because no one was there.”

“Star credentials.”

“All the erotic enthusiasm of a pair of glum pandas at London Zoo.”


“Ludicrously over-the-top vocals.”

“Smiling indulgent one.”

“Thus excising any hint of the random.”


“Preposterous, and hence at least noticeable.”

“Utter death of inspiration.”

“Plodding, predictable chord sequences and coke-addled lyrics.”

“Damn all previous works by association.”

“Obviously trying too hard.”

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“You didn't show weakness around him. Ever.”

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Quote:
“That is a completely wrong analogy!”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Naked dwarfs jumping out of pies.”

“The illusionary nature of identity.”

“Carefully considered minutiae.”

“Taint the lot.”

“Howling injustice.”

“Contemptuously disregarding rules of behaviour.”

“Social awkwardness and robotic stiffness.”

“Barely bearable.”

“Ludicrously pompous.”

“Path of inactivity.”
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