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Trailers, Quotes and a 1997 Tape Tale

‘iZombie’ promo
I’ll give this a try.

‘Shetland’ promo

‘Capture The Flag’ TV spot

Best Line:
“Moon’s that way.”

‘Jericho’ opening credits
Not the 2006 show, rather the 2016 ITV show. They’re nice.

‘The 100’ season 3 promo

Garlic stuffed olives - yum.
Orangina Light - nah.

RIP David Bowie.

I didn’t like the 1993 miniseries ‘Tales of the City’. You regret watching it later. I liked ‘Dharma & Greg’ until it went lame and toothless and she cheated with Kevin Sorbo.

I’ve never seen ‘Zoë, Duncan, Jack and Jane’ or ‘Rave Macbeth’ or ‘Smith’.

Does anyone recall ‘Sorry!’?

There is a 5th ‘Phantasm’ movie?

Willkommenskultur - welcoming culture.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“I was snubbed in the pub.”

“Sexually sophisticated.”

“Velvet loon pants.”

“Dullness and security.”

“An actual incentive.”

“Initial terror at the hippie movement.”

“A genius for making a home cosy.”

“Living with a blowtorch.”

“Became a bit aloof and snooty and self-important.”

“Reaching beyond her skill set.”

“A train crash waiting to happen.”



“The rehearsed catch in the throat.”

“My parents rather disapproved of tv aerials.”

“Delivers her news bulletins by shouting.”

“Factual chicanery.”

“Violent confrontations that never come.”

“Insane to the point of stupidity.”


“A thrilling possibility.”

“Severe films about endurance.”

“Deceptively daft.”

“To convey a story that was barely there.”

“Wails to the empty sand.”

“A subtlety missed only by those who weren’t looking.”

“Startlingly dark.”

“Ferociously difficult.”

“Looks highly incongruous.”

“Talk in vaguely ominous terms.”

“A real nursing-home shouter.”

“Even a glass of milk can seem menacing in his hands.”

“A mad Wagnerian symphony of bloodletting.”

“Tasteless delight.”

“Mumbling and grandstanding.”

“Interminably long.”

“A patrician sense of valour and duty.”

“Prescient sense.”

“Slow, feckless fool.”

“Too complex a character for someone of her age.”

“Verifiable certainties.”

“Gave himself a suitably melodramatic end.”

“A mental and social world.”

“Intelligent, enthusiastic Marxist-Leninists genuinely believed that history belonged to them.”

“All of whom were conveniently dead.”

“Vehement identifications.”



“Heartbreaking consequences.”

“Multifarious ways.”


“Spirited involvement.”

“A bleak test of character.”

“Melodramatic pathos.”

“Property guardians.”


“Initially discomforting.”

“The decades since the last human word was spoken on alien land.”


“Possible harbourer of life.”

“Space-time is disturbed by the sun’s mass.”

“Its days, sunrise to sunrise, are longer than its years because it completes a solar orbit faster than it rotates in full.”

“Space is hard.”

“Endless difficulties.”

“Most ghastly and costly fiasco.”

“Was he signed up for his looks.”

“Manically smiling young women who, while not actually prostitutes, have the look down pat.”

“Humorously tittering.”

“Girls in shagtastic costumes with glossy cash point mouths.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Plumb girls on fat ponies.”

“Wine caves.”

‘The Meaning of Life’ Quote:
“Cleaning the ceiling with a wet wipe.”

‘The 80s: Ten Years That Changed Britain’ Quotes:
“Not falling over problems.”

“The weather was trying to kill us.”

“Half an hour later, he’s a smack addict.”

“Don’t worry, there isn’t.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“They expect me to clean my room. Which bugs me.”

“Throwing up on her and the couch and the floor.”

‘Oneiros’ Quotes:
“If necessary I’ll take a sample of my diarrhoea and have it analysed.”

“But you’re not by any chance a fan of Six Feet Under or NCIS, are you?”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Everything is screamed.”


“He refuses to admit making mistakes.”

“He was unfairly accused of lying, concealment and covering up.”

“Unhappy habit.”

“Great tide of vitriol.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“A collaborative medium.”

“Refused to conform.”

“Evil influence.”

“Entirely reliant.”

“They each have so many names. Along with a first name and a family name, a character may also posses a diminutive, patronymic, a title and possibly a military tank.”


“Gather in shoals in anterooms.”

“Blinkered by ignorance.”

“Terrifying confusion.”

“A bastard by birth, but not by nature.”

“Someone more socially appropriate.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Greased with porpoise oil.”

“Drank whiskey of all things while crossing the channel.”

Cleared out a 1997 tape. It began with a season 3 ‘Due South’ ep ‘Spy v Spy’ in which Fraser is boring and self righteous. Stan makes no sound critical judgments. Getting rid of Ray made this show go horribly tragically cataclysmically wrong. Fraser no longer changes his facial expression and is perpetually sour and unpleasant. He also looks bored and vaguely irritated. There are spies and this was alarmingly incompetent.

Then came a ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘Warrior...Princess’ in which Xena swaps places with her look-alike, Princess Diana. An irritating dude who looks like the druggie looking crazy-eyed slimeball from ‘NCIS: LA’ lurks. This was not funny just scenery chewing brio. Diana is the dumbest person alive. This ep sets a certain lower standard and there are no character truths. Xena is relentlessly barking in this imagined history that was worryingly tepid.
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