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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘My Sweet Audrina’ trailer
This looks terrible.

‘Bones’ season 11 promo
Is this still on?

‘Goosebumps’ promo

‘Code Black’ promo

‘The Conjuring 2’ teaser trailer

‘The Flash’ trailer
Real Reverse Flash, Earth2 Iris and Killer Frost.

‘Damien’ trailer

Hot Irishman fudge - okay.
Salted caramel fudge - good.
Luxury shortbread - no.
All Butter Irish Shortbread - good.
Gluten free spelt bread - good.
Baked potato crisps sour cream herb and onion - good.
Peach and Vanilla mini ice cream dessert - okay.

Dear houseguests: stop buying veal and screwdrivers you don’t need. Stop lying in bed, sneering at frozen quail, drinking to excess and claming to have ‘back pain’. You bought chips twice and didn’t tell us. You bought unneeded eggs and milk and don’t clean up after yourselves. Why can’t you recycle?!?

There are coywolves?

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ has been axed. Good.

‘Bloodlines’ Quotes:
“We can expect no mercy from one who has been shown none.”

“His chance to prove he’d got real talent, not just rampant sex-appeal.”

“She sits brooding there like a toad brewing poison.”

“The gutter choked with yesterday’s pig-killing.”

“Had a dour priestish look to him.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Antagonise me day in day out.”

“Constantly call the cops on me.”

“I hope you fall over dead.”

“Kill him right back.”

“Does that seem like a reasonable and proportionate response?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Union sacree.”

“Worrying about dog-drama and crazies.”

“Severance of ties.”

“Will not hesitate to inflict extreme violence on you.”

“Come to the attention of his community.”

“A lack of knowledge and insight.”

“That is CSI stuff. That doesn’t happen in real life.”

“They had no significance.”

‘Alive!’ Quotes:
“Incapable of any principle.”

“This censorship and false history.”

“Modern pc cant.”

“Mean, bitter and cruel.”

“Manufactured history on an unprecedented scale.”

“Banned from featuring napkins folded in the shape of a bishop’s mitre.”

“Must make no concessions.”

“The virgin stigmatisation.”

“Sexy sexiness.”

“He identifies tempting situations to avoid such as an empty house, dark room or a seductive movie.”

“Fairly disinterested.”

“Their complete indifference.”

“Phenomenal malignity.”

“Wild, agenda-driven conclusion.”


“Declaring outage over song lyrics, adverts and compliments.”

“Pity-me identity politics.”

“Sufficiently serious circumstances.”


“A time to refrain from embracing.”

“Shallow sentimentalist.”

“Free enjoyment.”

“Deliberate conscious exercise of the will.”

“They think they have made a mistake, and that the real soul-mate is still to find.”

“Might indeed very profitably have married.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“La box anti-gaspi.”

“Entrenchment of inequality.”

“Anachronistic application of 21st-century value judgments to historical figures.”

“The same dread category.”

“Heads nod in appreciation.”

“My words sound vague.”

“Limber up your ribcage.”

“Maybe you work with enlightened men.”

“Isn’t an inherently bad approach.”

“An ever-shifting moodboard.”

“With a swimming pool in a lurid, chemical, Hockney blue.”

“The fethishisation of the loft apartment.”

“Gazing enigmatically down.”

“Fetishises the coziness of indoors.”

“He wasn’t so famous back then.”

“Trickster mastermind.”

“Speaks with his teeth clenched throughout.”

“He’s just here to die!”

“You didn’t feel it viscerally.”

“Farting broke the tension, as farts tend to do.”

“Was still in his pre-born-again days, was a rampant eccentric, a hilarious nut job.”

“If that sounds complicated, it’s way more complicated that that.”

“If you like your crime dramas dimly lit, ably acted, only occasionally preposterous and clock-full of cut-open dead bodies.”

“Enthusiasm gap.”

“A walking liability.”

“Accused her stepsons of tricking her out of her inheritance.”

“I knew something was wrong when they took away my horses.”

“Illusion of infinite choice.”

“Monotonous flavour hit.”

“They train us to expect all food to taste this way.”

“Ha! Tricked you into eating root vegetables.”

“Children are powerless at the table. They cannot control what is put in front of them, where they sit, or whether they are spoken to kindly or harshly as they eat.”

“Whining of an interested party.”

“Such a huge - though little mentioned - problem.”

“Hedonic shift.”

“The warmth and authority of a parent.”

“Assuming that you are not living in a state of famine, the greatest determinant of how well you eat is the way you have learned to behave around food.”

“Immensely complex.”

“Relearning through experience.”

“Relearn the food experiences that first shaped us.”

“Hardening of positions.”

“Apparently kidnapped while hunting with falcons.”

“Expensive squalor.”

“Used a kitchen knife to carve violent threats into the wall.”

“With half a bottle of vodka and a packet of paracetamal, sat in a toilet with his feet against the door and refused to come out.”

“Had never liked him, never wanted him, thought he was too much trouble.”

“Not about recognition or thanks.”


“It was a wrong assumption.”

“There’s the feeling of not being wanted.”

“Crimen injuria.”

“Imbue with negative emotions and attachments.”

“His face is like an angelic marmoset.”

“An emotional experience.”

“On Bingo chatrooms.”

“The suggestion that cooking at different heats would give him a parasite infection.”

“Looks like a prison meal waiting to be slid through a hatch.”

“Skulked in the candlelit corridors of the Tudor court.”

“Question moral values.”

“Neighbours would kick the door of my flat as they passed.”

“Modifying your self-talk.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“You’re fat and your mom’s naked on the internet!”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“We will not overlook it.”

‘Six One’ Quote:
“Active in golf course design.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:
“Free from the taint of pauperism.”

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Quote:
“Dark incantations. Always overwritten.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“Intellectual inadequacy.”

“Listens to no one.

‘Homes Under The Hammer’ Quote:
“Unadopted road.”

‘The Gloss’ Quotes:
“Disturbing satisfaction.”


“Contrived perfection.”

“We would have been on some kebab millions of years ago.”

“Now you’re urinating it out without having tasted it.”
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