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Buffy The Vampire Slayer 10x22 + Batman ‘66 meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E #1 Reviewed

In Pieces On The Ground, part two
I’m close to giving up on these comics, 22 issues in and the main plot arc is still painfully unknown. It is clear that years of fighting vampires is not a total guarantee of ongoing friendship. Some old flame of Spike’s shows up. Buffy is selfish and the dialogue has no Homeric heft. Willow is un-anxious at Buffy’s extreme un-graciousness and incessant tantrums.

The baddies aren’t wasted or lost or even interesting. There are authorial pronouncements, Buffy bemoans an apparent lack of commitment and Willow finds a new girlfriend. There are a preponderance of hints that there is a grave fault line in the horrid Buffy/Spike hook-up. Hence Spike doing furrowed looks of manly intent whilst Buffy picks fights of the shrill domestic variety in her famously tactful manner.

Problems are eventually resolved. Pompous know it all Buffy does not realise her wrong-doing and display appropriate contrition. This was okay but Buffy is now an abhorrent character.

Best Lines:
“Premagic thinking is no longer valid in our world.”

“Because everything isn’t about me.”

“Open fire on the living brains!”

“She’s got to change her knickers sometime.”

The Batman Affair
Chapter 1: Deathtraps and Lairs
This is part 1 of a 6 part miniseries teaming up two iconic 1960s TV shows. Cue relational dynamics and characters that look nothing like their TV counterparts. There is a breakout at Arkham, a ‘Superman III’ shoutout, a villainess with manic rapture and no indication of the sincere friendship between Illya and Solo. There is playfulness and Chief O’Hara seems to have got younger. I am intrigued but have no idea how the two plot lines make up a continuous through-story. Canon discontinuity? A cadenza episode? Narrative fluidity?

Best Lines:
“Fret not, Robin.”

“Get ready to catch us, batty boy!”

“So many times I had to hear this imperialist insult our peoples!”
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