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Z Nation 1x11 + Scream Queens 1x11 Reviewed

Sisters Of Mercy
Mack and Addy do stuff and have a lack of consistent domestic warmth in their grim existence. The gang reunite. The evolving situation of historical significance goes on. The gang are not overburdened by empathy, Addy unravels and an annoying kid is found. The annoying kid leads the gang to an annoying group of women. Murphy gets some. A zombie bear lurks. The leader (Kelly McGillis!) is a fiendish schemer and Addy becomes her greatest supporter. One isn't exactly riveted by the dysfunctional scenes playing out. No considerable unease is created. Consequences will be had from this ep. Divisive, unhelpful and wrong things happen that are not conducive to the public good. Still Murphy is chortling in this desultorily ep.

Best Lines:
“Zombie road kill.”

“You’re not welcome here.”

“Nice people always scare me.”


Black Friday
Gigi’s dead yet the cops are nowhere to be seen. Chanel spews relentless negativity, the Dean utters dour downbeat paeans and Chanel’s claque bow down to her cultural snobbery. Denise gets a new job, which she is also terrible at. TPTB enjoy undermining every attempt to make this show quality. Grace is not a poor sweet idiot. Chanel has clear distain. Pete is bad, made obvious by him acting in increasingly suspicious ways. Grace has protective zeal. Chad utters sneering phrases. Pete’s ‘journalism’ career is powered by delusion. Who are the putative bad guys? Nobody cares. This needs betterness. Pete spews hate discourse and nobody should spare as much as a single thought about this.

Best Lines:
“Midnight hippo stampede at wal-mart.”

“Murdered to death!”

“Your hideously furnished home.”

“An extreme consequence of teen sex.”

“Bitch popsicle.”

“You’re not really helping yourself.”

“He getting away!”

“Chad’s irritating armless friend.”

“Thank you talking pumpkin.”
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