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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Amy’ promo

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ trailer

Chocolate covered cherries - yum
Comte cheese - okay.
Semi soft cheese washed with craft beer - okay.

Dear houseguests: stop claiming a fuse blew when it didn’t. Stop saying you are cold and fiddling with the curtains. And yes, actually you do need supervision because you are havoc inducing morons.

Anyone recall the 80s sitcom ‘Mr Belverdere’?

‘The Night Manager’ sounds intesting.

Omega 3 Krill capsules smell grotesque.

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Don’t let him give any blood transfusion. It’d kill normal people.”

“Bronchial rasp.”

“I told him he was lucky the pizza hadn’t arrived yet or he would be wearing it.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Because we’re going to get an opportunity to taste mid-Victorian poverty.”

“Smelling like an old-carpet.”

“Tuna-demanding bops.”

“Alert but not alarmed.”

“Simultaneously witless, wrongheaded and repressible.”

“And it was just drivel.”

“Forgiveness is not really an option.”

“A lugubrious lot.”

“Even more morose than usual.”

“Aggrandise one’s own moral stature.”

“Gimlet-eyed scrutiny.”

“Rather less aggressive direction.”

‘Endeavour’ Quotes:
“Bloody pheasant. Thought I’d missed it.”

“She was hit by the same car. Several times.”

“Always thought too much.”

‘Before Dishonor’ Quotes:
“The Borg cube currently shows no signs of life…at least by any reasonable definition we could apply.”

“Morality applied toward an immoral race would seem to be a waste.”

‘FTWeeked’ Quotes:
“Away from the dangers of a chemical and electrical world they can no longer inhabit.”

“Hauntingly sad views.”

‘TV3 News’ Quote:
“Unsign that.”

‘The Guardian’ Quote:
“Is susceptible to drinking too much.”
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