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Book Reviews: Search And Rescue + An Inconvenient Woman + A Rock And A Hard Place

Quantum Leap: Search And Rescue by Melissa Crandall
This 1994 novel is the only semi-decent novel based on the show. Through mismanagement Al leaps into a plane crash survivor in the Canadian wilderness. Sam is one of the rescue team and faces fierce opposition from a jerk who finds various ways to cascade the rescue. This was okay but despite the author’s valiant attempts to say otherwise, Sam was a terrible friend to Al.

An Inconvenient Woman by Dominick Dunne
This 1991 novel was inspired by a real life murder case. This book tells the story of white trash Flo March who becomes a rich man’s mistress. But a series of events involving murder, blackmail, corruption and sleaze make Flo an inconvenient woman to the 1% who find things would be simplified if Flo were no longer around. This was good, a neat dissection of the rich and their presumption and entitlement. Flo is ill-used by her selfish lover who sees her as a trophy and a toy. Her lover’s wife is a bad mother, creates a passionless marriage and is a terrible person. Also Flo’s own bad judgement costs her dear as she wanders into a sensitive and potentially vulnerable position without caution. This was made into a good miniseries.

Best Lines:
“What kind of club?”
“The kind that wouldn’t let you in.”
“As a member, you mean.”
“Not even as a guest of a member. Not even for lunch.”
“How come?”
“You’re not their type.”

“You’ve never seen such awful flowers.”

“And yet she doesn’t seem to work.”
“Or do much of anything,”

“Monograms are tacky.”

“Don’t come home. Not now. Not ever.”

Star Trek The Next Generation #10: A Rock And A Hard Place by Peter David
In this 1990 novel, Riker the personification of boredom is sent off to have an adventure on a newly terraformed world. The Enterprise gets a new XO, Stone, who is an obviously disturbed PTSD sufferer. A fact which is treated with total and utter disregard by everyone. A farrago of nonsense ensues. The repugnant and immoral Stone is an obvious dry run for David’s Calhoun character in his ‘New Frontier’ books. Stone taunts and causes palpable discord whilst Troi is emphatic. This is increasingly unconvincing and characteristically sexless. When Stone does a big reveal of what made him this way, it is hyperbolic, bleak and not remotely credible. This was strictly generic and you don’t care about Stone or his frustrated ambition, festering resentment and homicidal intent.

Best Lines:
“I don’t like those choices.”

“They can’t make me go to the brig either.”

“Nonjudgemental lovers of different lifestyles that we are, we let them.”
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