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Trailers, Quotes and a 2000 Tape Tale

‘Zombie High’ (1987) trailer
This horror has plastic makeup, Virginia Madsen, explosions and bad acting. It looks cheesy fun.

Best Line:
“Where the teachers and students never die!”

‘Dag’ promo
No wonder this sitcom was cancelled.

‘Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands’ promo

‘Jericho’ promo
Not the Skeet Ulrich show. No.

‘100 Code’ promo

‘Wits Academy’ promo

Best Line:
“Evil never sleeps.”

Dark chocolate shortcake ring biscuit - no.
Gluten free cherry and Belgian white chocolate chunk cookies - okay.
Irish Farmhouse tomato relish - good.
Inglewhite Goat’s cheese - good.

I will review ‘We Are All Completely Fine’, ‘In A Dark Dark Wood’ and ‘Oneiros’.

Sunny citrus complexion bar smells okay.

The 2014 movie ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ was terrible.

The photo of the shell of a prehistoric armadillo was impressive.

Dear houseguests: stop moaning and ordering takeout and then throwing it out uneaten because you don’t like it. That was sinful. Stop posting crap on Facebook for attention and faking an ‘allergy’ to detergent.

‘The X Files’ Quotes:
“Your dour demeanour, your unimaginative necktie design.”

“Are you sick?”

“Human piranha act.”

“May I ask why?”

“Nature abhors normality.”

“Pathological resentment.”

“Tabernacle of terror.”

“Geeks are neither skilled nor curiosities, they’re merely unseemly.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“My body is my brain bag.”

“Fight for you outfit.”

“Give credence.”

“Discussing the possibility.”

“Has not been on amicable terms.”

“Possible deterioration in ties.”

“Deliver negative impacts.”

“Admirable loyalty and competence.”

“Ageless feuds.”

“Bizarre enclave.”

“It’s amazing how quickly the cold shoulder came.”


“Do that again and I’ll put you on eBay.”

“Power is dangerous and fragile, yet everybody wants it.”

“Subsume their personality into a collective whole.”


“Lasting shame.”

“Can’t possibly assuage, rectify or heal.”

“Small, helpful suggestions.”

“Unasked for suggestions.”


“Vessel for longwinded political tangents.”

“A failure of imagination.”

“En plein forme.”

“A despicable turtle’s fart.”

“Encouraging atmosphere.”


“A permanent outrage.”

“Unsettling foresight.”

“Nobody quite believes him when he tries to do normal.”

“Rediscovered his gift for strangeness.”

“Overmediated time.”

“Bulwark against everything they stand for.”


“I wanted to know what happened next even when I didn’t care.”

“Moral and intellectual sloth.”

“Capacity for spontaneous insight isn’t that far away from that of Jeremy Clarkson.”

“Force does not work the way its advocates seem to think it does.”

“She escaped from Wentworth after hearing that Gary had died in a tractor accident and was shot dead by the police.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Accommodate, tolerated or labelled.”

“Deacons of integrity, indomitable true believers.”

“Recognition payment.”

“An inclusive definition.”

“A concept it has so far refused to define.”

“Ratchet up the pressure.”

“Failed to resolve.”

“Threats or menaces.”

“Surprisingly strong dislike of unpleasant scenes.”

“Not in the interests of the common good.”

“Fears of the moral future.”

“The lowering of Christian standards.”

“Pernicious effects.”

“Lives of decent people threatened in the streets and even in their homes.”

“A direct consequence of indecent behaviour.”

“Unrestrained passion.”

“Look at the temptations.”



“Damaging public rift.”

“Misconduct accusations.”

“Protests have largely run out of steam but some opposition remains.”

“Been constantly lectured.”

“Not shown enough interest.”

“Look at me taking action.”


‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“Using my chair as a footstool.”

“Obviously he felt no need to reciprocate.”

“A horde of hairy, anarchic, leather-clad, denim-wearing men.”

“Precarious work.”

“Without merit.”


“Mythical qualities.”


“They provide no advantage.”

“Frequently ridiculed.”

“Has very little social media cachet.”

“Via careful collaborations.”

“Just get paid in clothes.”

“A very uncertain sum.”

“An image of uniformity.”



“Characteristically pragmatic view.”

“You’ll get thrown away like a toothpick.”

“Have you ever played tennis? You did? You probably weren’t very good.”

“I’m not bleedin’ Dumbledore.”

“You have about as much charisma as my underpants.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“An unbelievable snub.”

“Giggling, embarrassing and incredibly patronising.”

“Tokenistic twaddle.”

“Shattered the good name of her family.”

“Pursue its ideology.”

“Lazy, wrong and embarrassing.”



“Becoming an expensive joke.”

“At almost every decision point.”

“Unavoidable situations.”


“Social disorders.”

“Lateral thinking, spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.”

“Cautious relationship.”

“Has been jailed on three continents.”

“How heavy is the traffic in downtown Pyongyang?”

“Belligerent speech.”


“Nobody really believes him.”

“Rather ill-advised.”

“Intriguing and exhilarating prospect.”

“Wrecked so much havoc.”


“Assess flavour learning.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Blaming and threatening others is standard practice.”

Cleared out a 2000 tape. It began with a ‘Cleopatra 2525’ ep ‘Rescue’ in which they’re on the surface facing bad CGI and this was horrible. Then came a ‘Jack of All Trades’ ep ‘Raging Bully’ in which the tracking was horribly bad and Napoleon (played by Mini-Me) shows up. This was horrid. Then came an ‘Andromeda’ ep ‘The Pearls That Were His Eyes’ in which the original theme music plays. Kevin Sorbo hated it and had it changed. The tracking is way off. Beka deals with her uncle (John De Lancie). This was dull.

Then there was a tacky TV movie from 1997 ‘Crowned and Dangerous’ in which a nasty beauty queen named Shauna (Cassidy Rae of ‘Models Inc’) is murdered. Shauna and her big hair was a beauty queen rival to Danielle (Yasmine Bleeth) and her tacky clothes and skunk hair. This was a dull yet high camp tale of feuding over an idiot ‘hunk’ (George Eads). There is caked on fake tan, the ‘hunk’ has a nasty mother (Gates McFadden), there is romance, big crowns, cheating and a persistence to win. Shauna was increasingly nasty and Danielle was increasingly desperate leading to an extreme variant on ambition. This is allegedly based on a true story. Shauna had it coming, the ‘hunk’ is dumb and the obvious murderer goes crazy and does over-theatrical delivery.

Best Lines:
“This crown is mine.”

“I didn’t win it.”

“Nothing like a beauty queen in danger.”

“I know your type and what you want.”

“I’ll make you the same deal I made that other slut.”
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