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VR5 (1995) 1x05 + Blindpsot 1x06 + Z Nation 1x08-1x10 Reviewed

Frank Morgan is dead. Sydney wears a scarf to the funeral. Sad piano music plays. The cad Oliver debuts. Lori Singer is a BAD actress. There is no David McCallum in this ep. This unceasingly experimental show is crap. Sydney and her crimped hair broods. Oliver lurks like a B&E committing, rapey creep. The baddies are The Committee. This was crap and not commendably serious.

Best Lines:
“Danger bounces right off me.”

“It was about daddy.”

“An emotional amateur.”


“I understand your hostility.”

Cede Your Soul
I am giving this one more ep and then I’m dropping it. Kurt’s sister annoys. A smug hacker makes wild assertations. I’m disillusioned with this show. There are tensions between Kurt and maybe-Taylor. There is flat acting, another tattoo reveal and Kurt’s sister and father impose on him. Maybe-Taylor can’t make connections oh boo-hoo. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Let me type.”

“Nothing if you’re designing a website in the late 90s.”

“This is not fast.”

“They need her alive.”
“For now.”

“Some of it’s off black.”

Citizen Z prances around being annoying. What powers Northern Lights? The gang see the zunami approaching. Where are Mack and Addy? Another survivor shows up and the gang have to hide from the herd of a million plus zombies in mortuary slabs. A zombie mountie is sighted. Murphy is venturesome and more zombie than man. Murphy nearly leaves his pals. The ISS was destroyed apparently. Murphy does terrible things. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It ain’t water.”

“Your dog, he do nothing.”

“What is wrong with dog?”

“Your sound-hole.”

Die Zombie Die
Mack and Addy trundle on. How did they avoid the zunami? We never learn, they have issues and talk boringly. More boring stuff happens ‘Groundhog Day’ style. There are no unexpected levels of self-doubt or harsh self-judgments or unwarranted fear. This was terrible and there were more Addy flashbacks.

Best Lines:
“Beauty attracts trouble.”

“What bites a zombie?”

Going Nuclear
The gang are in the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore has been defied and they run into radioactive zombies and more survivors. A nuclear plant is in danger of blowing up so there is a harrowing quest to shut it down. A plant worker named Homer bonds with 10k. Naysayer Murphy is abrasive and intrusive and his tone and tenor smacks of a bad moral attitude. This was good and Murphy’s creepy bonding with zombies goes on.

Best Lines:
“Is he okay?”

“I’m a doctor dammit, not a nuclear physicist!”

“The only safety system they had was literally a man with an axe.”

“Where I grew up the zombie apocalypse only improved things.”

“That was sarcasm!”

“Who’d marry you?”
“Several women I’ll have you know.”
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