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Trailers, Quotes and a 2005 Tape Tale

‘Sherlock’ promo

‘Superman Returns’ (2006) trailer
‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’ was better than this Marlon Brando voice-over using silly mess.

‘Daddy’s Home’ TV spot

‘People I Know’ promo
Never heard of this.

Whiskey & coke - nice.
Blended scotch whiskey truffles - okay.
Mango chutney - okay.
Prune chutney - ugh.

I will review ‘Argo’ and ‘Amy’.

I loathe the smell of turkey soup.

I love Angel perfume.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Hope value.”

“How their sense of reason and proportion goes out the window.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:
“An unwillingness or incapacity to apply the standards of thought and reasoning.”

“Subject of a vicious campaign.”

“A male cabal.”

“Macho attitudes are so entrenched that they go unnoticed and unchallenged.”

“Being deliberately excluded.”

“Lies, takeovers and bullying.”

“Don’t be so uppity.”

“They are so convinced that they are the custodians of the rights of the oppressed that they can’t see what they are doing is wrong. They think they have ownership of victimhood.”

“The power of belief.”

“A long, painful sigh.”

“Abrogation of responsibility.”

“Disgusting euphemism.”

“Are listed as national cultural items and must be accessible.”

“If we catch them in the toilet, we’ll waste them in the outhouse.”

“Finally and irreversibly.”

“Unjustified slur.”

“Massed adoringly.”


“Probability distribution.”

“Insufficient system margin.”

“Personnel consequences.”

“Silicon prairie.”

“Structural vector auto-regression.”

“Fending off bees.”



“Such a potent counter-cultural agent.”

“There is something about spending Christmas alone, naked, sitting by the Christmas tree, gripping a shotgun, that lets you know your life is spinning dangerously out of control.”

“A female presence.”

“Smelt like dead people.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Brought in an infantry assault bridge.”

‘Irish Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“No, the mummy before you.”

“I’m allergic to anything that comes from a tree.”

“Booze face.”

“The taking on of a masculine appearance.”

Cleared out a 2005 tape. It began with the final ever ‘Hex’ ep ‘The Showdown‘. The end of days approaches, Leon is evil and in a cage. Ella is vehemently derided. The ghost Thelma is stupid. The antichrist bores but still wins. The mean girl turned religious girl is forgotten about and murdered. This was infuriating and got axed on a cliffhanger. Thelma and Ella shrug off the potential threat for far too long. This fails forward and has too much yap.

Best Lines:
“I’m kind of suspicious of your motives right now.”

“I cleaned your bench today.”

Then came an ‘Invasion’ ep ‘Pilot’ in which a small town is struck by a hurricane. Interesting characters and dynamics are set up. The irate ‘hero’ is all self serving decision making. This was not substantive. Later eps went horribly wrong and this axed show ended in unresolved circumstances. Everyone is all dissension and don’t notice the aliens invading. William Fichtner and Tyler Labine steal the show.

Best Line:
“That might not have been the wisest idea.”

Then came a ‘Charmed’ ep ‘Carpe Demon’ in which Billy Zane pops up as reformed demon Drake. Paige is never self-critical and spews withering sarcasm for ideological reasons. She has a lack of atonement for her crap. There is dancing, singing, overacting, silly clothes, Sebastian Roche, Kurt Fuller and silly plotting. I hate these people.

Best Line:

Finally there was a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Shadow’ in which Riley is increasingly awful and deeply reprehensible. There is bad tracking. The Malibu Barbie god Glory bores. The plot is ridiculous and superfluous. Joyce is sick, Ben lurks, Riley is useless and looks furious. The screen is murky, there is a crap CGI snake and this was pointless. This was a bleated minimal ep and I don’t care about Riley’s internal disputes.
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