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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 20 Review

Cowboys and Indians
Linc is spectuarly stupid. There are numerous call-backs to seasons 1&2 as Michael and Lincoln are cornered rats accused of murder. Linc can't believe this has happened to him twice in less than five years. T-Bag is smug and throws his lot in with the company. Christina has delusions of grandeur as she triggers a possible WW3 for money. Linc isn't Michael's brother after all. Self comes face to face with a former colleague and they have a fight which Self wins, that gunshot wound Self got several episodes ago seems forgotten. It seems Self's colleagues all believe him dead, killed by Lincoln. Why nobody is hunting Linc for that, isn't explained.

Michael and Linc evade the cops via an exploding mini-bar. Self's motives for stealing Scylla are explained, he has a sick wife. The Company kill her and Self jumps off the balcony, falls into the ocean and drags himself out a few miles downstream to the horror of some kids. Mahone, Michael and Linc rob a bank. A tv news commentator nitpicks the events of season 1. Michael gets Scylla. The Company take Sara hostage. Christina shoots Linc. Michael has to save one or the other.

This was very good, a real return to form. How on earth do they plan to wrap all this up? Lots of people need to die and lots needs explaining.

Best Lines:
"Some guy got assassinated and guess who got set up for it."

"Lincoln Burrows was outsmarted. Who could have anticipated that?"

"I do not work for you."
"Not yet."

"Now that we have this, what the hell are we going to do with it?"

"I have something you want, although I'll never really understand why."
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