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Z Nation 1x04-1x07 + And Then There Were None parts 2&3 + Scream Queens 1x10 Reviewed

Full Metal Zombie
How did the virus spread? Where did it come from? Nobody knows. The gang ration toilet paper. There is an ambush by a nasty family and it is revealed that Murphy was in jail for postal fraud. One wonders why the gang treat everything Citizen Z says as vouchsafed. Citizen Z has a sexual misunderstanding and the gang arrive at an infection control base full of nut jobs.

Doc is in peril. 10k has flashbacks. This was a placeholder of an ep. Doc saves his life by getting a zombie high. Unenforceable orders are given. The gang are alone and unwanted in an uncaring world. Cue baleful staring, malefactors and ignominies. I’ve disinterest in this ep.

Best Lines:
“Amish zombies? Really? Really?”

“’Night of the Living Dead’. Great movie. Sucky reality.”

“When was the last time you changed your underwear?”

“You don’t sneak up on people in the zombie apocalypse.”

“We played cards. Once.”

“Everybody I ever knew is dead.”
“Why am I not surprised?”
“You know I don’t like you.”
“Get in line.”

Home Sweet Zombie
The mock-serious adventures go on. Addy shows off her shaved armpits and legs and her henna dye job still holds up. An electric fence has power until it doesn't. Other survivors are sighted. A tornado hits and the gang head to Roberta’s hometown for shelter. Murphy is awful. Roberta looks for her missing husband. Murphy offers no inestimable help. Addy has flashbacks. Murphy has more side-effects. There is a mention of the Battle of New Jersey. Doc does improvised brain surgery with a drill. The tornado is full of zombies. Addy’s boyfriend Mack comforts her. This was good and Murphy acts psychotic.

Best Lines:
“Is he going to make it?”
“Is that a trick question?”

“His momma didn’t raise him right.”

“Really God? Really?!?”

Resurrection Z
Citizen Z quotes Yeats. A preacher leads a cult of crazies. There is a mention of zombies forming mega-herds. I see some similarities to ‘In The Flesh’. The cult causes chaos in a safe zone. A zombie is killed with a whisk. This was good and tense. Murphy goes all dark messiah and Charlie (Tom Everett Scott) makes a sacrifice.

Best Lines:
“There is no cure.”

“At least while there was still business to boom.”

“Crazy spreads fast.”

“Goddam suicide zombies.”

“Now walks among the dead.”

“You psychotic bastard.”

Welcome To The FU Bar
Everyone deals with Charlie’s death. The gang are separated. A zombie mega-herd approaches. Roberta and co hang out at a camp full of sketchy types. This was not cogent or canny. Murphy causes more issues with injurious actions. He is discontented and past the bounds of rationality. 10k does something thick. There is impecunious behaviour.

And Then There Were None (2015) part 2
The servant carries on being a servant. Nobody has any sense. Vera goes hysterical. The Judge has health issues. Dr Armstrong (Toby Stephens) annoys and issues blandishments. Vera makes queries. The General killed his wife’s lover after finding an explicit love letter and is haunted by his deed. Lombard and Blore search the island. The General is obsessed with being a gentleman. Silly moustaches are sported. The matron (Miranda Richardson) extrapolates and offers innumerable examples of her vileness. There are more deaths and a storm blows in.

Why does nobody swim for help? Sadly this ep was mediocrity. The matron rants about the lower orders breeding. There is more death. The survivors are pawns and rotten people. There is swearing and foreshadowing. Aidan Turner gets his shirt off. Suspicion blooms. This was underpowered and impenetrable and not dark and startling like part 1.

Best Lines:
“Suffers from female neurosis.”

“I did kill all those men and more.”

“After all that, she died of the Spanish flu.”

“No-one’s coming for us.”

“Your employer is insane.”

“My maid of all work.”

“I believed her to be a clean, decent, modest girl.”

“Naturally and quite properly I refused.”

“Can handle situations.”

“A sink of depravity.”

“Sweaty bucket of lard.”

“She’s shut up now isn’t she?”

“He’s gonna go everywhere.”

“Actual intellects.”

“Don’t go implying.”

“How happy we’ll be when we have everything.”

And Then There Were None (2015) part 3
The meditative gang have the dread realisation that the killer is one of them. Vera has more flashbacks to Hugo and doomed Cyril. Dr Armstrong has existential darkness and manly conviction. Wargrave is a virtue-signaller. The killer has a warped and corrupted mind. A crusty old gent and raffish types are all that is left so they act smug, self-congratulatory, greedy and venal. Psychological amplititude goes on; there is genuine threat and overtly loathsome people.

Nobody has any sense and nobody acts to a high moral standard. Cocaine is snorted like it is in abundance on the island. Lombard gets his shirt off yet again. People readily admit to their affinity for murder. There is smouldering and more death. Including death by polar bear rug. Things get increasingly robust. Vera reveals how she isn’t blameless in Cyril’s death. A lot of adaptations shied away from Vera’s guilt for Cyril’s murder.

The so well-intentioned killer is revealed and psycho cow Vera gets a gruesome end. But how did the killer do it all? I can’t even imagine the mind that would come up with this plan or maybe I just don’t want to. This was good and dark.

Best Lines:
“You idiotic cretinous bastard.”

“It was unsettling.”

“His terrible darkness.”

“Posh people innit.”

“People don’t just vanish not on an island this size.”

“Not here.”

“Ten bodies and no murderer.”

“They believed me last time.”

Gigi dies and families are horrible. Hester isn’t dead, spurious paternity claims are hurled and Chanel 3 has a horrible family. Wes was a man slut in the 90s. Murder accusations are hurled, Chanel is called trash by Chad’s vile family and Chanel 5 bores. Pete annoys, there is a reveal and Chad’s father (Alan Thicke), mother (Julia Duffy) and brother (Chad Michael Murray) are disgusting people. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Gravity killed Hester.”

“I have bathroom shame issues.”

“That seems like an unnecessarily complicated cover story.”

“Drunk on wine is still drunk.”

“That outfit screams desperation.”

“Neckbrace whore.”

“Is that what quail is?”

“You bloated little tramp!”

“A bunch of my sorta friends have been killed.”

“Tastes like Henry VIII just barfed in my mouth.”

“Chad hasn’t mentioned you. Ever.”

“Not the most adult form of conflict resolution.”

“You have a bright future ahead of you in the sex offender wing of a supermax prison.”
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