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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Deadpool’ trailer
Ass shots, red spandex and killing. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“Look at it.”
“I don’t wanna.”

‘War & Peace’ promo

‘Iron Man 3’ promo

‘Texas Rising’ promo

Dark chocolate fudge sundae biscuit - okay.
Apricot chutney - good.
Milk chocolate orange sundae biscuit - okay.
Mixed Double Chocolate Viennese biscuit - okay.
Sauvignon blanc - okay.
Cranberry confit - okay.
Belgian dark chocolate mousse - okay.
Dark chocolate Viennese finger biscuit - dull.
Milk chocolate shortcake ring - dull.
Milk chocolate shortcake regency biscuit - dull.

‘Wayne Rooney - the man behind the goals’ was crap.

Miniature donkeys are cute.

ITV are making a drama about the Durrells?

‘Deep Impact’ Quotes:
“This is the crew that will stop the comet.”

“We call it the Messiah.”

‘Countryfile’ Quote:
“Cultivation terraces.”

‘Mina: The Dracula Story Continues’ Quotes:
“If I had any desire to devour my husband, did he think I would do it in the dining car?”

“How quickly that wonder died.”

“Do not draw their interest.”

“Stoic misery.”

‘Friends’ Quotes:
“The Irish jig guy?”

“Big fat gaolie.”

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quotes:
“She agreed to go out with you for free.”

“Are you high?”

“Doesn’t feel like an arm.”
“Than maybe you should let it go.”

‘SWAT’ Quote:
“100 mill oughta buy you a nice husband in there.”
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