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Z Nation (2014 - 2018) 1x01-1x03 + And Then There Were None (2015) part 1 Reviewed

Puppies and Kittens
It’s not ‘The Walking Dead’ but zombies are rampaging and a rag tag band of survivors battle to survive. Camp Northern Lights is not only populated by Citizen Z (DJ Qualls). Meanwhile a solider named Mark (Harold Perrineau of ‘Lost’) drags a reluctant vaccine carrier named Murphy across country. There is vomiting, yelling and violence in this man eat man world. The title card is very nice.

There is a mention of ‘The Walking Dead’, bad acting and the survivors have want and uncertainty. The year is 3 AZ namely it is 3 years since the outbreak. Mark has to gets Murphy to a medical lab so a vaccine can be made from his blood. A woman has a henna job that holds up well. There is shouting and a zombie baby. This is made by a studio customarily regarded as trash makers. This is like ‘The Walking Dead’ with a few significant alterations. It’s not po-faced and populated by vile psychos who think they’re better than everyone else and exercise their ‘right’ to kill everyone. Mark gives assurances that Murphy can save the world. There is blood, a hammer attack and a dead star walking. This was okay; I’d like to see more.

Best Lines:
“I give you mercy.”

“I guess I won’t shoot him, yet.”

“Operation Bitemark abandoning location.”

“Down and dead.”

“It’s a real life baby. I haven’t seen one of these in years.”

“I hate moral dilemmas.”

“I will send you to walk among the dead.”

“Says who?”
“Says me!”

Fracking Zombies
10k is a sniper who has joined the rag-tag gang of survivors. There is a mention of the Black Summer where survivors starved to death. A biker knows the girl that was saved from the cage in 1x01. The gang head to a refinery to get gas. Meanwhile Citizen Z is menaced by a zombie husky. This was okay, Charlie is the new leader.

Best Lines:
“Level 4 infected.”

“We’re probably the last generation of humans on earth.”

“What happened to your friend?”
“Turns out he had other friends of low morals.”

“I’m not going back. Not alive.”

“You have a finger in your hair.”

Philly Feast
Cage girl aka Sunshine aka Cassandra has a past. The Liberty Bell kills zombies whilst rolling down the street. What is the Liberty Bell? Murphy is an ass. Sunshine’s ‘family’ are not nice people. The gang do a rescue mission on the cult of crazies to very familiar music. This was okay and disturbing.”

Best Lines:
“You all had doubts. Even I did.”


“I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.”

“Define rough stuff.”

“Eat or be eaten.”

“Listen scumbag.”

“The person who wants it least wins.”

“Kill away.”

And Then There Were None (2015) part 1
This is the beginning of the BBC miniseries based on Agatha Christie’s novel. Burn Gorman, Charles Dance, Sam Neill and Aidan Turner star. This has bizarre opening credits. It is 1939 and people travel to Solider Island at the behest of U.N Owen despite obvious weirdness. There are figurines and sinister foreshadowing. Sam Neill plays a General with a stupid moustache. One wonders how all this was paid for.

Burn Gorman and his ugly face plays a police officer who thinks Lombard (Turner) is a Fenian. A horrid matron is horrid and harangues servants to within an inch of their sanity. Lombard and his Irish accent looms. A coke head drunk driver annoys. A gong is struck for dinner and people will not desist from being awful despite the obvious weirdness. A record plays accusing the awful people of unprovable murders. Cue sinister goings on, classism, deaths and a flashback showing Turner with his shirt open to his waist. This was good.

Best Lines:
“If you’re posh or not.”

“Third-rate girls.”

“These vile rumours should be given credence.”

“This is the peace before the carnage.”

“Choked on his own puke.”

“You terrible, terrible man.”

“Almonds be buggered.”

“Rogers and myself is competent.”

“I am a particular kind of woman.”

“Crumbling old roaks.”

“Hysterical women are so boring.”

“There’s always a next one.”

“There’s something a tad off here.”
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